Nikon – Evolve

Nikon have been one of the world leaders in camera technology for some time now. Yet to be a true competitor in today’s market it’s all about how you approach your customer base. For a few years now Nikon have been running events which act as showcases for everything Nikon. Yet this isn’t just about showing off the product even though that is a major component but otherwise to make every Nikon user a better Nikon user.

Each ‘Nikon Presents:’ show consists of a couple of workshops, a guest speaker and a huge selection of Nikon products to get your hands on. Nikon’s latest event was titled ‘Evolve’. Its main focus being the D780, Z Series Mirrorless range, NIKKOR Lenses and more. There are always plenty of ways to enjoy the event depending on what catches your fancy.

Held at Plant 4 in Bowden, the event at it’s most basic is an opportunity to get your hands on the latest Nikon tech. At the Nikon Gear Desk is every modern Nikon camera and lens imaginable. Simply supply identification to get your hands on whatever you heart desires. From the $3,500+ Nikon D780 to the Z Series Range to a huge selection of lenses of varying ranges. Also, on display was a sample of the yet unreleased Nikon D6, fully functioning and absolutely stunning. On hand are a number of Nikon experts to run you through all the features of whichever camera you’ve decided to take for a spin. There are several set tables in which to test your settings as well as a ballerina/model provided to make use of the Nikon’s eye focus.

Upstairs at Plant 4, Nikon put on two workshops on portrait and landscape photography. Their Portrait Workshop was hosted by award winning fashion photographer Stef King who provided insight into the world of fashion photography with a live photography session with the Nikon Z Series. While the Landscape Workshop was taken by Nikon School Lecturer, Josh Beames, who ran an interactive workshop covering workflow and techniques while incorporating the D780. To cap of the night was guest Keynote Speaker Jeremy Piper. Piper is a documentary photographer with over 30 years’ experience with the likes of News Ltd, Nat Geo, Associated Press and many more. In his talk he went over a selection of his favourite images taken over his career as he went over his process and gave an intimate rundown of the life of a photojournalist.

While all of this is going on Plant 4 put on a spread of finger food and drinks to enjoy while you chat to the experts or to the retailers directly. What all of this equates to is a sense of community and kinship. A true wealth of knowledge and experience to help the novice or the expert with one of the best brands in the business.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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