Hanamura Norwood is set to become one of Adelaide’s best Sushi and Yakitori restaurants, providing customers with exquisite fresh food, friendly service and a wonderful ambience.

Recently opening up on The Parade within the Hoyts complex, Hanamura is the perfect new spot to grab your Japanese style lunch or dinner.

With Hanamura meaning ‘flower village’, the restaurants décor of hanging purple flowers certainly is fitting. The Wisteria beautifully dangled over the soft timber seating which gave the restaurant a relaxing and calm feeling that welcomed customers. The decor is quite minimalist, while polished concrete flooring and the low hanging light fittings giving this place an industrial but homely feel.

Hanamura’s main goal is to provide customers with an unforgettable dining experience through a seamless integration of fresh food, delicious cocktails, friendly service, all while in a contemporary ambience.

With such a friendly welcome and a beautiful setting, we couldn’t wait to taste some of their food.

The Sashimi Deluxe consisted of an assortment of salmon, tuna, kingfish, scallop sashimi and tamagoyaki. I am a huge fan of sashimi and it is safe to say I was not disappointed. The wonderfully fresh sashimi was all served on ice, with the subtle, crisp flavors of each fish type shining through. It tasted as fresh and beautiful as it looked, and would be a great dish for sharing.

The Aburi Sushi Set had aburi salmon, kingfish, scallop, prawn, and eel nigiri and also was served with an aburi salmon roll. The aburi set was perfectly executed. Silky smooth fresh pieces of salmon, kingfish, scallop and prawn all were lightly seared and then drizzled with a subtly sweet teriyaki sauce. The fish held a light char-grill flavor, which paired perfectly with the soft fresh rice.

The Nigiri Set contained salmon, kingfish, prawn nigiri and was also paired with a shrimp roll with avocado. Nigiri is a type of sushi that is made with thin slices of raw meat (usually fish). My favorite of the nigiri was the salmon; with freshly subtle but delicious flavors. Each piece was deliciously fresh and it wasn’t long till the whole plate was clean.

Hannamura’s Topped Rolls set was served with aburi salmon roll, shrimp with mango roll, shrimp with avocado roll, and aburi cheese roll. Whenever I eat sushi, I love to choose the topped rolls as they always are packed full of flavor and come with various ingredients. The mango roll had a lovely sweet tang; the avocado roll was fresh and light while the aburi salmon and aburi cheese roll had a lovely savory smoky flavor from the char-grilled toppings. Every flavor married well together to make the perfect mouthful.

The Sushi Set consisted of salmon, kingfish, prawn, tuna, tamagoyaki, and inari nigiri; with a raw spicy tuna roll; a crispy shrimp roll; a salmon avocado roll and a California roll. I loved the variety that the sushi set had to offer. The raw fish was lovely and fresh while the rolls were packed full of flavor. The spice in the tuna roll did hold some heat but was balanced by the cool salmon avocado and California rolls. With this set there are plenty of flavors rolled into one (pun intended), so if you are wanting something to share with friends but not sure what to choose, the variety of the Sushi Set is the perfect option, giving customers a mix of sweet, savory and spicy.

The Chicken Dinner plate came with three pieces of karage chicken, a teriyaki chicken roll and an aburi cheese roll. The aburi cheese roll was made with breaded chicken thigh and mango, topped with seared cheese and a spicy sauce. The balance of sweet, spicy and savory was lovely, while the teriyaki chicken roll gave off slight smoky tones from the sauce. It was a lovely balance of flavors. The karage chicken also had a lovely crispy coating with a soft and juicy center that was served with a cool aioli mayo. Yum! If you are a lover of chicken and sushi this is definitely the plate for you.

The Shrimp Roll with Mango was made with breaded shrimp, a miso aoli sauce, and topped with mango slices. I absolutely loved how the chef incorporated the sweet mango into the roll. It can be a bit unnerving to try such a sweet flavor in a sushi roll, as it is not a common flavor combination, but the crispy, breaded shrimp paired well with the smooth mango and balanced the savory and sweet elements to create the prefect refreshing dish.

The Shrimp Roll with Tuna was made with breaded shrimp and avocado, topped with raw tuna, flying fish roe and a spicy sauce. My absolute favorite sushi ingredient is raw tuna and I was very excited to try this dish. The creamy avocado, cooked shrimp and soft tuna all paired well together, giving lovely and fresh tangs that balanced well with the slight spice from the sauce that topped. Maybe it is just my love for raw tuna but I certainty found my new favorite dish that I will be sure to come back for.

The Shrimp Roll with Avocado was made with breaded shrimp, a spicy sauce, and was topped with fresh avocado, a teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds. The simple combination of the cooked shrimp and fresh avocado created a traditional sushi taste that every individual would enjoy and is just the prefect light dish that is great for the hot summer months.

Sushi is one of my all time favorite foods and Hanamura Norwood definitely satisfied my cravings; making beautifully fresh dishes that I would happily come back for.

The restaurant also offers a carefully selected range of Japanese Sake, Beers and Whiskeys; as well as local beer, wines and cocktails for customers to enjoy.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 185 The Parade, Norwood


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