Australian Pork – How Far Has Your Ham and Bacon Travelled?

Ham and bacon are beloved household staples, but most people are shocked to learn the meat they’re consuming isn’t Aussie.

In fact, the majority of the ham and bacon sold in Australia is made from imported pork.

“Most people have no idea,” said Australian Pork Limited Marketing and Communications Manager, Mitch Edwards.

“While all fresh pork is proudly Australian, smallgoods like ham and bacon are often made using imported pork.

“We’re asking South Australians to look at the label when picking bacon for your brekky or ham for your lunches. Take a minute to ensure you’re choosing one made from Aussie pork, that supports our local farmers.”

Adelaide’s top chefs tonight helped launch a new campaign to help South Australian consumers buy 100% Australian ham and bacon. More than 120 guests attended the PorkStar event at Sparkke at the Whitmore, where pig producers and smallgoods makers joined chefs for a first look at new ads, airing on Adelaide TV and radio until June.

Each week $17million worth of imported pork – or 4 million kilograms – arrives on our shores to be heat-treated and processed. This impacts Australian pig farmers, many of whom have had a tough few years with drought, high grain prices and low farmgate prices.

Pork SA Chair, Andrew Johnson, said raising consumer awareness about the origin of their ham and bacon and helping them find products made from Australian pork would support the local industry, families and communities.

“When consumers actively choose Australian products, they are supporting our local community and everything that South Australia is about: celebrating fresh, quality, local ingredients,” Mr Johnson said.

To ensure shoppers are choosing bacon and ham made with Australian pork, they need to check the bar chart on the country of origin label. This sits under the green and gold kangaroo on products in both the chiller and in the deli.

The bar chart should be almost full or have a percentage of at least 90% Australian ingredients to guarantee the pork is Australian.

The ad campaign begins tonight on television and radio stations across Adelaide. A new Facebook page, Aussie Bacon and Ham, has also been launched to help consumers find Australian product and share bacon and ham inspiration.

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