Real Falafel – New Central Market Location

Since April 2018 Real Falafel has been making a name for itself within Adelaide. From it’s first store in Central Market to then expanding to Plant 4 Bowden, Real Falafel has done a remarkable amount in short space of time. When you meet the owner, Mitch Aldawsari, it’s easy to see how Real Falafel can succeed. Mitch has a honest passion for everything falafel.

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Mitch came to Adelaide as a refuge, fleeing persecution for his sexuality. With the help of his mentor, retail advisor, and co-owner Matt Lazarus, Mitch has quickly made an impact on the Adelaide food scene with a brand that not only offers fresh and genuine falafel but also represents the inclusiveness of the gay community.

Having now moved their Central Market store to a new, larger location, Real Falafel is looking to open up the possibilities of what it can do. From refreshing it’s menu with super healthy salad bowls to breakfast options. Mitch is also looking to further his dream of becoming a celebrity chef by offering cooking courses from Central Market.

Mitch Aldawsari, without a doubt, has a huge amount of ambition and he has the charm and character to see through his aspirations. Keep an eye on this space as I don’t believe there is much going to slow Aldawsari down. He truly believes in the name of his company and aims to introduce Real Falafel across the country.

Taken from his grandmothers recipes and Israeli styles he believes Australia is missing out on what a real falafel is and intends to open our eyes to the flavours and textures that are on every street corner back in his home country.

The new Real Falafel is just a bit further up from it’s original Central Market location. Open everyday except Sunday. Come down and taste what you have been missing.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Stalls 3 and 4, Adelaide Central Market


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