Rocco Pizza – Greatest Hits Menu

Twenty years in the making, Rocco Pizza has launched its ‘Greatest Hits Menu,’ with its top thirteen pizzas
crowned by its loyal customers.

When Rocco Pizza first opened its doors in 2017, it started with just six pizzas, expanded to twenty-four and will now exclusively offer its best thirteen.

“The menu has been twenty years in the making and is also the product of our last two years working with consumers at Rocco Pizza… Our recipes and processes have been fine-tuned and perfected over many years and tests,” said sourdough chef Rocco DeAngelis.

Known for his rules and iron-handed principles, Rocco has strictly banned ‘junk food pizzas,’ with stuffed crust, BBQ sauce and ham and pineapple not allowed on the menu.

With processed pizzas wreaking havoc on the countries’ gut health and waistlines, chef Rocco DeAngelis has set out to make pizza heathy again by utilising the proven benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the ancient art of sourdough.

It’s been a labour of love for Rocco, who has devoted his life to restoring pizza to its authentic, Italian form and is adamant it is a healthy meal that can be eaten daily.

“My objective has always been to change the food world… I started with pizza because it allows me to build the healthiest, most complete and balanced meal.

“Pizza can provide the best clean carbs through a sourdough base, lean nutritious toppings by following the Mediterranean diet, a great source of protein through premium Australian and Italian meats and provides good fats through extra virgin olive oil,” said Rocco DeAngelis.

After studying the Mediterranean diet and the art of sourdough for the past twenty years, the father of three opened Rocco Pizza at Kidman Park in a bid to change the way Australians eat pizza.

The open environment, which lets diners see the magic unfolding in the kitchen, feels like an extension of your own home, with warm and friendly staff, free corkage, a no cutlery rule and affordable prices.

“We have a fantastic array of customers from health-conscious people to athletes, to families with
young kids,” said Rocco.

After years of perfecting his technique, Rocco is adamant sourdough is the only dough you should ever eat or feed your kids and family.

Made from just three simple ingredients, flour, salt and water, sourdough takes three days of natural fermentation to break down the gluten, and carbs, meaning no bloating or feeling heavy.

“Sourdough is superfood in my world… It’s the perfect dough in a world where bread and pizza has been so

The sourdough chef says time poor pizzerias and take away stores are responsible to transforming a once a healthy meal into a calories rich, fast food.

“Many bakers and chefs have sped up the process to meet demand, adding dangerous amounts of yeast, sugar and additives to their dough to make it in an hour, as opposed to the required three days.

“This causes bloating, stomach pains, eczemas and spikes in blood sugar levels… It’s very negligent that they’re not willing to give the dough the time or care it needs before humans can begin digesting it,” said Rocco.

With sourdough as the hero, Rocco Pizza’s menu also follows the Mediterranean diet, with pizzas bursting with diverse plant-based foods, healthy fats and whole grains.

A recent global study last month, compared 41 different diets and ranked the Mediterranean diet in top spot, for its ability to produce short-term and long-term weight loss, its nutritional completeness and its safety and potential for preventing and managing diabetes and heart disease.

With salt, fat and sugar lurking in most fast food pizza toppings, Rocco has reengineered pizza, sourcing the freshest produce from South Australia and Italy to create its healthy toppings.

“We aim to make pizza healthier than it has ever been… Many fast food chains and pizzerias add sugars and large amounts of salt into their tomato sauces, bad meat made mostly of fat and processed fat and cheese laden with salts and fats.

“Our sauce is made from the highest-grade Italian tomatoes with no added sugars, our meats are premium
Australian and Italian, we cream our own Burrata mozzarella and we add more greens where we can.

“We continue to strive for better and provide a healthy meal you and your family can trust,” said Rocco.
It is safe to say not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons. Rocco Pizza is also available via Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

WHERE: 336 Findon Rd, Kidman Park


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