Coombs + Co

We were very delighted to have experienced the official opening launch of Coombs + Co by Renew Adelaide last weekend.

Located right in the middle of the busiest part of Rundle Street, we weren’t expecting something so extraordinary as what Peter Coombs the Designer, Jeweller and Metalsmith had to offer.

He began his journey around the 1980s, making his passion for creating glasses a little more than just an experiment from a design-student at University. I got to see, touch and wear the first-ever sunglasses he made in 1985. I delicately put them back as I know how precious they were, being the prototype responsible for so many ideas and shapes which brought him to where he is today.

What we love most is the fact that Peter does all his work by hand. With glasses being made pre-order, you can see him working in his shop with care, ensuring that every piece boasts its unique signature. This is what makes the glasses so valuable. Peter has taken his work overseas, introducing his product to Europe, New York and now back in Adelaide where he started up his first shop. We couldn’t be prouder with his achievement.

Not just that, Coombs and Co (emphasis on the ‘Co’), has shared the business space with artist, Yuro Cucor, the designer of beautifully handmade LED lights. Marvellously created, we couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the look of it.

We wish Peter the best for his exciting endeavour ahead. And if you are interested in having your glasses personally handmade by our local Peter Coombs, there are so many choices. Be it with the sparkle of diamonds, the timeless luxury of 24-carat gold or just a simple Elton John styled pair of sunnies, then do yourself a favour and check this place out. We believe that this is the best option for you.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority


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