Bickford’s – New Iced Coffee Range

The launch for Bickford’s new range of coffees took place at the Mitsubishi Showroom on Main North Road. Surrounded with great looking cars, two bright orange four-wheel-drive GLS Premiums stole the spotlight dressed with the proud Bickfords logo all over.

With the DJ playing in the background and the most epic grazing platters waiting for us, we had forgotten that we were in fact at a car showroom. We admitted we were a bit too excited when we saw that they offered some espresso martinis using their range of Iced coffee!

A historical fun fact, Bickfords Australia is one of the oldest South Australian iconic brands. They like to pride themselves for being famous on purity and quality since 1874.

The brand produces traditional cordials, soft drinks, and now Iced coffee (it only took them about 180 years!). They also have a winery and distillery in Renmark and Queensland, and did you know Bickford owns a bar in Melbourne Street called Twenty-Third St Distillery? Yes, that’s theirs, no wonder it’s such a popular destination.

While their range of beverages are quietly expanding, it was only now they have decided it’s the right time to bring in their new invention to the Iced Coffee range which so far has three flavours ; Iced Coffee Classic, Iced Coffee Extra Shot (both have 50% reduced-fat) and Iced Coffee with Almond Milk which is excellent for those that prefer not to test their tolerance on lactose. The process and development have been curated carefully with a 20 million dollar project making sure that these are the best of the best. With products that are entirely pasteurisation free, preservatives free, yet still, have the ability of extended shelf life, this is a great way for us to enjoy our iced coffee with pleasure and without the guilt!

You can now find Bickford’s Iced Coffees at your nearest Romeo’s, OTR, Drakes and/or Chapleys. What are you waiting for? It’s time to stock up your fridge!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority



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