Zefyr Cafe – Blogger Brekky

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is”.

Zefyr Café is blooming straight to the top in all things new and pretty! Blessing us with a new menu and now opening on Saturdays from the 5th of October. The new menu by Chef Wayne is both beautiful in presentation and distinctively creative. Boasting an array of flavours, waiting to be enjoyed among diners and businesses alike. Which is why our tastebuds were dancing for joy when we attended Zefyr Blogger Brekky this weekend.

Here’s some of our favourite dishes we had the pleasure of tasting and be sure to make Zefyr Café your next visit and enjoy it for yourself.

Peaches ‘n Cream – Now, this is not your typical stewed peaches laid neatly over a plate, with dollops of lightly sweetened whipped cream. This is where Chef Wayne showcases his love for food and how food can become the beacon of one’s imagination. This delightful dish consists of soaked chia seeds, coconut milk, encapsulated peach, garnished with coconut flakes and strawberries. It was subtle in sweetness and indulgently creamy. A wonderful rendition of Sago with coconut milk.

Field Of Mushrooms – Clear blue sky, green plush grass and mushrooms scattered as far as the eye can see. This is what happens when food takes you on an exhilarating journey and you’re captivated by a dish that exactly resembles its name. Extremely creative, Chef Wayne was inspired by the forest floor and so dehydrated spinach crumb was used to represent this. On top, above ground displayed mushroom 3 ways, ricotta, crispy parmesan shards along with leafy greens and editable flowers, representing the forest ecosystem. Each component, was cooked and prepared perfectly. An earthy feed sure to satisfy any mushroom lovers.

Mega Breakfast – The gastronomic experience. All your breakfast favourites on one big plate. This starts off with two pieces of toasted sour dough bread topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, swivels of bacon, tossed mushrooms, ripened tomatoes, avocado, crispy hash browns, mildly spiced chorizo sausage, and a side of baked beans. A necessity of a dish, as it’s a requirement. For anyone who loves a mega breakfast and has a mega appetite, this one’s for you!

Breakfast Sorbet – A title is just a word and words can be riddling. Presented on a single spoon, this is not the usual sorbet we were accustomed too. However, this did not hinder our experience, but instead, gave us a sense of curiosity. A curiosity that would only be fulfilled through taste. With eyes lit up and a mouthful of sweet, tangy, flavours of watermelon and lemon we were blown away by Chef Wayne’s vision and creativity for this masterpiece. Do yourself a favour and order this on your next visit. It will zest up your life.

Thai Beef Salad – With beef slow cooked for 24 hours, you can imagine how tender, juicy and flavoursome these perfectly cut slices of beef were. The leafy greens with cucumber, red onion, coriander and mint leaves lightly tossed in the Thai dressing was instantly elevated and pulled together, by the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Not to mention it was finished off with rice shards and a tea infused egg which was just phenomenal. Another successfully creative dish, done right.

Goodness Gracious – The power house of all things nutritious. A bowl of roast, fresh and house fermented vegetables, black rice and served with house emulsion. Now, fermentation is not just about preserving food. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and are associated with a range of health benefits. Chef Wayne has spent numerous hours, days and weeks perfecting his art of fermentation. Providing a result of subtle and light fermentation that suits all palates. This dish is best consumed when mixed well, ensuring you have a little bit of everything.

Pretty in Pink – The pretty vegetarian who only eats pretty food. Tastefully presented, this dish composes of grilled haloumi, salt roasted beetroot hummus, sweet charged pumpkin, topped with chickpeas, black sesame sea sponge, and charred onion petals, bedding a beautiful creamy pea puree. A wonderful vegetarian dish, that you forget its vegetarian. We loved many elements of this dish. For one, the pea puree. You could lather in this all day. The sea sponge, a soft and delicate piece of chiffon perfection. An amazingly well thought out dish that highlights the sweetness and gives shine to how great vegetables can be.

Feeling satisfied and overjoyed, we could not be happier with this innovative culinary experience. Chef Wayne’s impressive mind, creative soul, and elevated taste is evident in every dish he served. Zefyr Café caters to all and we are confident you’ll find something you’ll love.

Words by Tien Thach of Tastytag

WHERE: 27 King William Rd, Unley


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