Schnitz – Purist Plates

Schnitz has realised its all-new Purist Plates menu that gives customers a playful twist on their classic schnitzel.

Located at the recently refurbished Westfield Tea Tree Plaza in Modbury, Schnitz has a lovely welcoming atmosphere and accommodating staff that, paired with wonderful food, makes you want to come back for more.

Each dish on the new menu is paired with fresh and flavourful ingredients to give customers the best quality meal possible, and all within a reasonable budget.

The 3 Cheese & Ham Parmi is a traditional crumbed chicken schnitzel topped with smoky ham, Napoli sauce and a trio of melted parmesan, Ovoline and mozzarella, and served with a side of garden salad and original chips. Cheese and ham always is a good combination and what a perfect way to showcase this than on top of a parmi. The chicken was lovely and tender and also held a slight smoky flavour from the ham. The cheese was lovely, thick and gooey pairing well with the deep, richer flavour from the tomato based Napoli sauce. The schnitzel was paired with a fresh and crisp garden salad, accompanied by a fragrant olive oil dressing. The 3 Cheese & Ham Parmi has a lovely rich flavour, and if you are a cheese lover then this is the one for you.

The Garlic Buttered Beef is a traditional crumbed beef schnitzel with herbed garlic butter, served with a side of caprese salad and original chips. The lovely garlic butter was fragrant and held a prominent flavour but was not too overpowering. Lovely earthier tones from the beef helped to balance the garlic, which oozed into the thin savoury crisp batter. The rich garlic butter paired perfectly with the simple Italian salad, which had fresh creamy mozzarella, pops of cherry tomatoes and was seasoned with olive oil. It was a lovely combination with the light salad lifting the heavier flavours of the schnitzel.

The Spicy Vegan is a spicy crumbed vegan schnitzel, topped with Napoli sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese; served with sweet potato chips and a cooling cucumber, coconut yoghurt and dill salad. The sauce was not too spicy but definitely held heat. The vegetable based schnitzel was delicious, and even reminded me somewhat of a veggie and potato fritter. The creamy vegan mozzarella cheese helped to balance the lovely spicy tang in the rich and earthy Napoli sauce. The spice was also helped cooled by the refreshing cucumber and coconut yoghurt salad. The Spicy Vegan was a light and refreshing dish that was packed full of flavour.

The Sweet N’ Smokey is a traditional crumbed pork schnitzel with sweet applesauce, and smoky BBQ sauce; served with rainbow slaw and sweet potato chips. Yum! The perfectly cooked pork paired with the sweet applesauce and the richer and smoky BBQ sauce. It held a lovely balance of sweet and savoury components. The BBQ sauce added a sharper tang that was cooled by the apple and the accompanying slaw. The rainbow slaw had a lovely texture balance with the creamy tangy dressing and the crunch of the cabbage. Another level of sweetness was also added from the sweet potato chips that balanced and tied in the dish with its salty coating.

The Loaded Schnitz is a traditional crumbed chicken schnitzel, stacked with original chips, kettle cooked gravy and grated mozzarella cheese; served with rainbow slaw and more original chips on the side. You may have heard this from us before but Schnitz makes excellent chips and what a delight to have chips loaded as a topping as well. The dish was also very cheesy. This paired perfectly with the warm gravy, which also added a deeper, almost richer flavour to balance with the saltiness of the crisp chips. The batter on the schnitzel was not too thick, while the chicken centre was lovely and tender. The sweet and fragrant slaw was juicy and crunchy, holding a slight tang but gave a lovely and refreshing flavour to balance the richer and filling schnitzel topping.

I was definitely pleased with the quality and flavour of the new Purist Plates meals. Each schnitzel is made to order and it is clear Schnitz still holds up their philosophy: to exist by sharing the joy of traditional schnitzel with the world one crumb at a time.

They take great pride and care when cooking each schnitzel, thus it’s no wonder that Australia’s appetite for Schnitz continues to grow as their quality of food remains at a high standard.

All dishes on the new Purist Plates menu are just $18.90, an affordable price for such a delicious and filling meal. And there is sure to be something for everyone with gluten friendly and vegan options too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the new Purist Plates menu and will definitely be back for more.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Road, Modbury


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