Zefyr Cafe

At the former site of KW27  comes Zefyr Cafe (with a slight twist on the spelling). Zefyr (Zephyr) which means gentle breeze or in this case a breath of fresh air, which is so fitting for this rejuvenated family owned cafe. Mark and his wife, wanted to be different and different they got. Not only the name but also the food and beverages. Just outside the city centre, you will find this cafe located in the best part of King William Rd, Unley. They offer free street parking for up to 2 hours which is just enough time to have your meals and coffee in peace.

We were thrilled to have a little sneak peek at their menu the other weekend which will be officially out on October 5th. Delighted to say how impressed we were was an understatement with the time and effort they put into creating such stunning (and you can say, instagrammable) dishes. You can see how much passion Chef Wayne has while explaining to us how he got this inspiration from watching all cooking series and then developing his own skills to create dishes such as the marbled tea egg or where he would ferment all the vegetables for weeks so the vinegar can soak in without overpowering the flavour.

Zefyr still pride themselves with their current selection such as burgers, hotdogs and yiros however with a growing demand for healthier versions, Zefyr is listening and taking it on board by creating some new healthier meals such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Here are some of our picks;

Field of Mushroom – Gorgeous to photograph, and a healthy choice for all you mushrooms lovers out there. It came with button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and enoki. This, with a drizzle of olive oil was presented on a bed of ‘forest soil’, 35 hour proved seeded sourdough crumbs and ricotta with extra crisp from parmesan shards.

Pretty In Pink – Gluten free audience, please rejoice! This really is pretty in pink and tastes as good as he name suggests. It comes with halloumi, pea and beetroot puree , black sesame sponge, coral tuille and corn salsa. This is a vegetarian option but can also be for vegans, just ask the staff and they can happily swap the halloumi with grilled polenta.

Beef Thai Salad – Another healthier option for people who still love their meat intake. This salad contains a 24 hours beef scotch fillet sliced thinly, tea infused boiled egg, parmesan chard all on a bed of green salad with beautiful Thai salad dressings. The highlight of this dish would definitely be the infused boiled egg, its an instant stand out the moment you realise that your egg is marbled. The flavour is subtle but you can taste a hint of sweetness just like tea on your first bite. We loved it and it’s definitely a good reason to come again.

Goodness Bowl – Vegan and gluten free, all house fermented over 2 weeks. Everything is edible including the flowers for garnish! This dish is prepared enough to share for two people, generous in size, this consists of sauerkraut, fermented radish, carrots, capsicum, lotus chips, a mixed muesli to neutralise the fermented flavour and black glutinous rice. So no need to be afraid of feeling hungry afterwards. Living up to its name this will definitely fill you up in a very good way.

Sri Lankan Noodles with Creamy Potato Curry – These aren’t your ordinary noodles, as the dish comes out with the crispy noodles on the side. The curry which includes potato, pickled eggs, waterchesnut, pickled cucumber and chard scallion will come out hot so if you wish you can pour it all over your crispy noodles or eat them separately. Inspired by the Asian culture, we think this dish will be quite popular among the diners!

Opening every Saturday as well for the very first time next month, Zefyr Cafe is offering licensed beverages. Have your big breakfast with champagne or start with their delicious coffees which cost nothing extra even if you prefer yours with soy or almond milk. Enjoy indulging in some new breakfast dishes starting on the first Saturday of October and open daily from 7am to 3.30pm, we guarantee you the presentation is picture perfect for your Insta portfolios and as tasty as they look! It’s a win win, really!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 27 King William Rd, Unley


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