Coates Wines – Kuitpo Casual Lunch Series

Spring has officially sprung and to celebrate the impending warm weather, Coates Winery has launched a casual lunch series from 12 to 3 pm every Sunday at their whimsical cellar door in Kuipto. We went along to sample a bit of what is going to be on offer for those of you wise enough to head over!

When arriving at the cellar door we were welcomed by a stunning view of rolling vine lined hills and the bounding, bouncing Cooper; the resident winery doggo whose sweetness totally made our day. Stepping through the cellar doors we entered a world of casual indulgence, warmed with the memories of good times passed and good times promised.

One wall was covered in books which, at some stage, were categorised into themes of cooking, eating, drinking and everything in between. Looking further up, the room was bordered with empty bottles; each one representing a special moment in the wine makers life. Muito doce! This open reflection of the personalities of Dwayne and Bec (the owners of Coates) perfectly captured the laidback and familiar vibe of the place. With a glass of wine in hand and an Italian recipe book to flick through we were very much eased into relaxation mode.

To the food! To make the most of the seasonal bounty of the plentiful Kuipto area, the menu will be everchanging with most ingredients foraged locally and sourced from the surrounding hills and creeks (with the exception of delectable cheese sources from France and Italy… some things cannot be beaten!).

One of the standout plates was the Venison and Fig Tagine with cracked buckwheat kernels, pine mushroom and preserved lemon. I could honestly not get enough of this dish… luckily it was huge! The tang of the lemon, the richness of the venison and the sweetness of the fig, cut through with fresh made yoghurt… incredible.

Another creative dish consisted of two perfect balls of salty, Italian Burrata sitting atop oven roasted pumpkin which had been slathered with a stinging nettle pesto. Once again; that was a stinging nettle pesto; a punchy and peppery sauce. It was an inspired and delicious dish to say the least.

When it came to the sweet things, Coates definitely did not disappoint. The first dessert to come out of the kitchen was the house made Tres Leches complimented with tangy segments of pickled quince (plucked from a tree just over the hill!).

The next item was an Ice Cream Sandwich Stack; wild black berry icecream (berries picked from a creek down the road – right?!) wedged between two deliciously chewy cream cheese cookies. We were in our own slice of foodie heaven.

We had a beautiful experience at Coates Winery, made even lovelier by the great company of Dwayne and Bec. Next time you find yourself with a few hours to spare on a Sunday afternoon, treat yourself to some self-care and cruise on over to enjoy some vino, a view and some well crafted and inspired treats.

Words by Vanessa De Chellis

WHERE: 185 Tynan Rd, Kuitpo


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