Love, Stephy

Love, Stephy is the newest dessert café to hit Hindley Street and is already known for its instagrammable food and interior décor.

Its cute and romantic style makes it the typical girl’s dream café – pink walls, pink chairs; the café is covered in various shades of pink but is done so in a sophisticated way and not at all tacky.

The delightful hanging swings lining the exterior walls, the plush lounge chairs, and the abundance of flowers, all create a beautiful interior alongside plenty of natural light for the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

Love, Stephy has only been open for four weeks so far; but after two years in the making it is evident how much time and care was taken to make the place a success.

There are currently four main desserts on the menu, but the cafe also offers a range of other delicious cakes biscuits and pastries in their display fridge.

Even though each dessert is packed full of many different ingredients, the menu only lists the main flavour components of each dessert, with owner Stephy saying she doesn’t want to spoil the fun for customers to taste and discover new flavour profiles.

Each plated dessert will take about 15 minutes to prepare, once ordered, but it is certainty worth it for the flavour and presentation. To call the dishes beautiful is an understatement and what comes to the table is what I’d only expect from a fine dining restaurant, not just a café.

The Pina Colada contains main flavours of rum, pineapple, mango and coconut. The coconut jelly was similar to a panna cotta in texture and gave off a lovely refreshing, cool and smooth flavour. The coconut lifted the sweet tang of the pineapple pieces, which balanced well with the crunchy toasted coconut flakes and the refreshing tang of the added mint leaves. The silky smooth ice cream held a rich and prominent rum flavour that definitely sung out pina colada! Rum flavours were also evident in the solid mango mousse disk that was light and creamy. The additional whipped mango foam was sweeter, balancing with the tang of the pineapple and the sharpness of the rum. The mango jell gave off stronger flavours but held a lovely contrast with the sweet biscuit base, made from baked crepe batter. Yum. The Pina Colada had a beautiful balance of cool, vibrant flavours and was the perfect tropical dish.

The Lemon Tart had lemon, ginger and basil flavour profiles that paired perfectly together, giving off subtle tangs within the lovely thick but smooth lemon slice. The meringue was not too sweet and had both hard and soft textures, pairing perfectly with the tart lemon. The semi-sweet biscuit was almost like shortbread, which just melted in the mouth. The cool sorbet had a very prominent tart tang from both lemon and lime juice, but was balanced with the sweet crunch of the crumble base, which reminded me of a crumbled Anzac biscuit. The vibrant, lifting flavours from the Tonka beans, helped tie in the sharper flavour profiles. Overall, the dessert was packed full of flavour and was able to perfectly balance the sweet tones with the more sour flavours of the lemon.

The Ruby is ruby chocolate, matcha and beetroot all in one. The biscuit tuille had a slight almost smoky tang that balanced perfectly with the light and fluffy matcha sponge. The matcha was savoury but not too prominent, balancing the deeper ruby chocolate and the stronger, rich earthy tones of the beetroot pure. The lovely pop of fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries was a refreshing additive. Sweeter tones came from the silky smooth chocolate and raspberry ice-cream, while the soft almond nut crumble helped to balance the prominent earthier tones of the raspberry and beetroot. This dish held a lovely flavour combination and is just perfect for those who aren’t a fan of something overly sweet.

The Rhubarb Mille-Feuille contains flavours of yoghurt, rhubarb and apple. The burnt sesame seed tuille held lovely smoky flavours and gave off a prominent savoury tang. This was helped balanced by the sweeter yoghurt cream, which was almost a thick mousse in texture. The rhubarb itself was semi-sweet, balancing perfectly with the yoghurt and the savoury earthy sesame seeds. The earthy rhubarb gave a lovely contrast to the sweet crunchy biscuit and the slight sourness from the raspberries; which added a lovely tang to the soft yoghurt. The tarragon leaves to garnish added an almost anise/liquorish flavour that helped tie in the earthy and sweet flavours.

Every dessert was perfectly balanced, not too sweet, letting the other flavour components shine through. They each had a beautiful contrast in texture and taste: sour and sweet, crunchy and smooth. Just perfect.

The staff at Love, Stephy are all about flavour and quality, and it clearly shows through their delicious desserts. All components, such as the ice cream and biscuits, are made in-house; making sure each unusual but delicious flavour profiles will help create new experiences for customers.

Their long-term plan is to cultivate the place as a café in the day and as a plated dessert venue at night. They are also planning to launch a series of high teas, which their cute and cosy café will certainty be able to cater for.

Love, Stephy is a beautiful place where you are guaranteed to gain a wonderful sweet culinary experience. Why don’t you try it for yourself? It’s already sure to be one of my favourite places to stop for a coffee and sweet snack.

Love, Stephy will be open Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm and 12-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays for it’s café. Plated desserts will be served at night from Thursday to Saturday from 5pm ’til 10pm.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 62-68 Hindley St, Adelaide


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