Bakmi Lim & Chico Tea – Malvern

Nothing can stop Bakmi Lim now, after the launch of its very first shop on Waymouth Street followed by a second one in Rundle Place food court, the third one has just opened up. We attended the official open day and it was jam packed full of customers. It wouldn’t surprise me if these were customers who would have had travelled to the city to get their noodle fix prior to this one opening up. People who live in the Eastern suburbs will definitely be happy about this news as they don’t need to travel as far anymore.

David Lim, the sole owner of all three Bakmi Lim stores has worked hard to make his dream come true. He had visions and he nailed it. Slowly but surely, he’s building his brand and he must have been doing something right because he just keeps expanding. With something that only started with a delicious bowl of handmade noodles to a variety of menus such as baos and chicken rice. Now David braved himself to open up a bubble tea place. Another bubble tea place you say? Why yes! We can never have a shortage of bubble tea fans here in Adelaide. Calling it Chico Tea while sharing the space with Bakmi Lim is a fantastic idea. What could be more satisfying than having delicious Indonesian noodles complemented with a cold brown sugar boba milk tea? Or, if you feel like experimenting with your taste buds, why not try their black sugar boba milk tea? Or better yet, their creme brulee milk tea? And if that doesn’t appeal to you, and you like your milk tea a little less sweet then perhaps a matcha selection of milk teas would tickle your fancy. Whatever your choice is, it’s going to be a good one.

When we visited the newest Bakmi Lim, we were greeted by David himself, he was in the process of creating the pearls ready for that day. So everything is basically hand made not just their noodles but the pearls too. He wants to make sure that his high quality and standards are maintained in all his products. This new space is definitely bigger and more spacious than the one on Waymouth Street and it has such character with murals by And what is Bakmi Lim without the magnificent and powerful display of a dragon on their main wall. It surely attracts everyone that comes in.

Bakmi Lim has once again proved to us that sometimes it is not necessary to offer a lot of choices on your menus. You can offer one but as long as it’s a GRAND one, that is all we need to keep us loyal customers coming back for more. It is quite obvious that their pride is in their noodles. Starting from $12 a bowl with a choice of traditional noodles or spinach infused noodles you can then choose your toppings, such as the soy chicken and mushrooms (most popular topping in Indonesia), the braised pork belly, the chasiu pork, the roast pork (this is my absolute favourite) or the tofu and mushrooms. Then with extra options, you can add some sides like prawn wonton (either deep fried or steamed) or vegetarian spring rolls before the last step which is choosing your drinks. Get a seat, relax while you wait and please enjoy!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 259-269 Unley Rd, Malvern



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