Spice Shot 2.0

Spice Shot 2.0 is the reincarnation of a trusty, hidden local Indian gem that was tucked away in the side streets of Magill. The reboot has a more significant street presence but the trusted and delicious menu remains the same. Located on Henley Beach Road, Spice Shot 2.0 replaces what used to be a Mexican restaurant, and I’m not going to lie the Mexican vibe is still present, but it creates a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere that borders on a Bollywood theme.

Samosa – Everyone’s favourite and a regular crowd pleaser. Two triangle shaped samosas with a peppery potato filling studded with whole peas, wrapped in a satisfying rich pastry that is crisp and thick.

Chicken Tikka – Thigh fillets sliced up thickly and presented on a skewer, the tikka marinade brandishing the outer layer in a vibrant orange. The chicken tastes of char with a rich tandoor flavour having been bathed in semi-sweet and aromatic paste.

Lamb Korma – The lamb flavour is honoured in this decadent curry. The cubed meat is exquisitely tender, punctuated with whole cashews in a mild, creamy flavoursome sauce.

Mapas Prawn Curry – A little fruity and fresh this prawn curry is a lovely change from the heavier, gravy style curry. The lighter style sauce has fresh tomato, green capsicum and spinach leaves in a tomato base.

Desi Butter Chicken – From the chef’s special part of the menu this version is thicker and creamier than the butter chicken from the chicken curry pot part of the menu. Cardamom flavour is strong in the thick gravy, which is ever so creamy and leaves a tingle down the tongue as you eat it. A heavy hand has been used with both the cream and tomato, both of which I expect in a butter chicken.

Spice Shot 2.0 has proved itself to be a strong, reliable force in the Indian restaurant market. At its heart is a large and diverse menu, that has an equal focus on vegetarian and varied proteins that are tender and delicious. Boasting an inviting, friendly atmosphere and an affordable wine list Spice Shot 2.0 has all your curry cravings covered.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 127 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End


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