Sammy’s On The Marina – Hentley Farm Wine Dinner

Adelaide has been experiencing some really cold weather lately, and what better way to warm ourselves up than with an amazing wine dinner. Tonight, Sammy’s On The Marina, on the Marina Pier, teamed up with the popular and award winning, Hentley Farm, to give us an tremendous six course degustation.

We started the night with Coffin Bay Oysters. Coming in a serving of four, two were natural while the others were of a Rockefeller variety. The natural oysters were fresh, silky and smooth, with strong flavours of the ocean. The Rockefeller oysters were a combination of spinach, watercress, pernot, parmesan and bread crumbs, and were much creamier in texture. Paired with the Hentley Farm Eden Valley Riesling, there were notes of lime zest, lemongrass and a slight peach influence. We thought the great balance of sweetness and acidity really worked well with the oysters.

The South Australian Lobster Bisque with crispy pide bread was voted the best dish of the night. True to what you expect during a visit to Sammy’s, the bisque was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. It was smooth, thick and creamy, and you could detect hints of lobster oil and ingredients that reminded me of pesto. Combined with lobster morsels on a wafer thin pide, you could really taste the flavours of the ocean in this dish. The dish was paired with the Hentley Farm ‘Poppy’ White Field Blend which combines chardonnay, riesling, fiano, viognier and white frontignac. The toasty elements combined with pepper and florals worked perfectly with the delicious bisque.

Showing that Sammy’s is not just about seafood, the next dish was the Pork Belly with apple sauce, pea, sweet potatoes and asparagus. Food connoisseurs will know that pork works really well with fruit, so the addition of apple sauce and pineapple was always going to be a winner. Sitting on top of several layers of soft, delicate pork belly was a crispy and chewy pork crackling. Elements such as sweet potato, peas and asparagus provided textural contrast, while the finely chopped raw red onion helped cut into the fat of the dish. Paired with the Hentley Farm ‘Stray Mongrel’ GSZ, which had flavours of plum, blueberry, raspberry and toffee apple. It was really soft on the palate which balanced the richness of the dish.

Next was the Duck Breast in an orange and fennel sauce with crushed baby potatoes and broccolini. Again, foodies will know that game meats work really well with fruit, so the duck and orange sauce will work together hand in hand. The portions of duck were pinkish in the centre, and the meat was juicy and moist. The skin was scored and had a slightly charred exterior. By itself, the duck was a bit bland, but when combined with the orange and beetroot, the dish became more acceptable. Paired with the Hentley Farm ‘Old Legend’ Grenache, there were aromas of Turkish delight and strawberry, followed by strong spice and florals. On the palate, the flavours were very complex and hard to describe, but it did work well with the duck.

The last of the mains was the Braised Beef Cheek with baby carrot, baby beet and green beans parcel with a red wine jus. As expected, the beef cheek was gelatinous, soft and delicate. Again, the beef cheek was a bit bland on its own, but was a bit more palatable with the assortment of vegetables. The red wine jus was really good but there wasn’t enough of it. The dish was paired with Hentley Farm ‘The Beauty’ Shiraz and ‘The Beast’ Shiraz. ‘The Beauty’ had aromas of peach, apricot and florals with notes of white pepper. It was soft and expressive on the palate while still being complex. ‘The Beast’ on the other hand had aromas of rich fruit, spices and dark chocolate. On the palate, you could taste Christmas pudding and forest berries.

To end the night, we had the Creme Brulee with chocolate short bread. A thin layer of caramelisation sat on top of generous bowl of thick, creamy custard. The short bread was rich and buttery, and coated with chocolate on one side. The dessert was not overly sweet, and the perfect way to end the night.

The wine dinners at Sammy’s just keep getting better and better. Six sumptuous courses matched with delicious drops from Hentley Farm wines. Adelaide Food Central would like to thank Pervez Alam and all the staff at Sammy’s On The Marina for their kind hospitality, and Keith Hentschke from Hentley Farm for their great matching wines.

Look out for the Chef Outta Water wine dinner on Friday, September 20th 2019 at Sammy’s On The Marina, on the Marina Pier, as they match their delicious food with wines from The Lane Vineyard.

WHERE: 12 Holdfast Promenade, Glenelg


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