Eat at Whalers

Take a trip to Eat at Whalers in Encounter Bay, the exquisite ocean scene is worthy of every seafaring mile. The restaurant resides in a prime position here just off the bluff, right on the water! With this view you will forget you are here to dine; instead, you will be whisked away by the winds of wonder with an encapsulating view calling for your all-encompassing attention out of the rolling deep blue waves from the moment you arrive. Find yourself washing up for the taste sensation of the Fleurieu Peninsula, with each plate pleasing to the eye and tantalising to the tongue.

The husband and wife duo established here in South Australia after a Contiki tour called them here for a birthday bash from their trip which started in Sydney. They had chased whales in South Africa, looking to do the same down under. Coming in search of marine life, instead of successfully seeking them, they decided to serve seafood for themselves from locally sourced producers.

Their goal is to provide a relaxed seaside dining experience with first-class service (to match the view!) that showcases best local produce as much as possible; with a contemporary, simple and fresh menu served alongside premiums wines. We felt their passion with every plate served and genuine service that has built a great reputation with the locals in the area.

Let them take you on a cultural journey through their love for food through and their passion for Australian locally sourced produce from coast to coast.

Steamed Prawn Dumplings
A perfectly balanced dish with a subtly smoked broth poured at service and topped with fresh shitake mushrooms and black wood fungus. This dish has every element of a traditional Chinese dumpling allowing the flavours to come from earth and sea.

Grilled Hervey Bay Scallops
The foamy seaweed emulsion with basil oil, fennel sand and chilli filaments softly balanced with the flesh of the scallop. I felt as though I was taken to the beach with every bite – Which was emphasised as it is served in the shell! Juicy and succulent to each morish munch.

Octopus Garden
This is a picturesque plate of Goolwa Pipi’s, pickled octopus, salmon roe & wakame that will tantalise your eyes before you begin to taste! The textures are bursting with each bite and flavours surprising with every new discovery of the fork. Enjoy the astringency from this combination filled with gratitude and the great pride of every ingredient brought to the table.

Mushrooms and Toast
This dish is a true dark horse of the menu! Every flavour was a bursting surprise that made you want more; from the porcini cream with herbs to the toast crumbles with a surprise hit of truffle oil. This was an amazing palate play, a part in the mouth of earthy delights rolled into a medley of mushrooms. Don’t let this one pass you by, it is a must-order!

Grilled Garfish Fillets
Every element of this dish took me to a place in Thailand with a sweet salad feeling. The perfectly placed green papaya salad with sour tamarind sauce sat on top a wave of grilled garfish and white rice. A truely devine deconstructed Thai salad.

Chargrilled Beef Fillet
Take yourself to a perfect place with the feeling of home and it’s Sunday Roast – Bordering of a steak Diane sauce with a tomato taste, this red wine jus is a show stopper! One element that was new and refreshing was the beetroot mash.

Red Curry Duck
Wow! The sweet and spicy sauce takes your breath away with the succulent meat of the duck. There is a subtle hint of the classic Thai red curry which has been deconstructed with the modern meal, this perfectly dished up duck. Fall in love the crispy duck skin which has been held in fine element with its texture with the separation from the sauce until it is served. A true surprise and delight!

Next time you find yourself in search of salty air, seaside adventures and million-dollar views with service to match. The relaxing landscape provided by Eat at Whalers is the place to pull up anchor.

Words by Leesha McGuiness

WHERE: 121 Franklin Parade, Encounter Bay


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