Signature Wines – Shuck It, It’s Wine Time

A hidden gem in the city of Adelaide. Who would have thought you could find a warehouse with so much potential to become something cozy, intimate and utterly stunning. They are launching a brand new space right in the middle of the CBD. Signature Wines is a family business which started about 15 years ago. Their owner also the Senior Executive, Daniel Khouzam, mentioned his vision of not wanting people to travel so far to the winery and instead enjoy a first class wine tasting experience right here in the heart of the city.

Easy access to street parking, we walked up to a warehouse looking building featuring palette tables and chairs outside which added to the street appeal, an excellent idea for an outdoor space during summer or warmer winter days. Inside it was already starting to get packed. I imagined being in a warehouse would be cold and uncomfortable but boy was I wrong. They surely know how to keep us warm. With lots of heaters around and a glass of champagne, I was all set in complete comfort.

We were also complimented with a dozen fresh Coffin Bay oysters, which we reckon to be among the best oysters we have ever had. It’s just such a shame that the self proclaimed King of Oysters, Jerry Fraser is based in Perth with 6 of his other bars. We voted that he should open one here in Adelaide! Another highlight of the afternoon was the charcuterie board which was beautifully designed by Poppy’s Pantry Adelaide.

Signature Wines is very keen to open its door to everyone, not just on the weekend but also during the week whether it be a day time thing with family, friends or an evening with your loved one on an intimate date. They have collaborated with other food industries to provide a public event once a month which showcases a proper dine and wine experience with the one and only, their Signature Wines. They have taken Sunny’s Pizza to cover their August event, and there will be more to come so keep your eyes peeled for the save the date.

Now opening from Tuesday to Friday, please do us a favour and give this place a visit, and when you do, don’t forget to have a glass of their ginscato! You can thank us later.

Words by Dee Pene

WHERE: 31 King St, Norwood


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