Jamie’s Italian – Vegan and Vegetarian Menu Launch

You will be bursting with inspiration from the first bite until loosening your belt, Bellissimo! Jamie’s Italian in Adelaide has launched it’s first-ever dedicated vegan/vegetarian menu. Recent times have seen an ever-demanding food scene push for a diverse delivery of delicious delectables within the growing crowd of plant-based diners. The team at Jamie’s Italian have listened! They have been translating the call for change; meeting their goals to be constantly developing new food concepts with creativity, simplicity and quality at the heart of everything they do. These new additions are no exception to the rule.

If you are looking to take your loved ones out for an all-encompassing experience oozing with melting cheeses, plentiful wines and a side of South Australian culture infused with Italian fine dining; this is the space. You will be enthralled from the moment you arrive, pushing through the big double doors and making your way into the archaic architecture of one of the oldest banking buildings in Adelaide, This restaurant has been transformed from currency to cuisine. They are keeping the place romantically lit to fuel your fire for the meal that is yet to arrive at your table, we only hope you have made room! With over 20 choices from starters, salads, sides and mains – the latest selection of vegetarian inspired dishes will have you breaking your own norms.

Every waiter glides through the room with grace and with the urge to educate you on the rustic dishes from their reliable recipes that have been tried and tested from the families of all over Italy served lovingly and plentifully on your plate. We hope that you take the ticket and choose to journey along on this authentic European experience; right here within the heart of Adelaide.


Mixed Olives

These little bursts of taste were taken right from the tree to your table! I can not remember tasting olives so fresh and full of their own flavour. There were three mixed types, each with their own unique hints and subtle notes. The green was my favourite as the had a bold buttery taste; all with a hint of garlic topped with delicately sliced chillis.

Bread Boards

The breadboard was a perfect accompaniment to the olives, but don’t worry if you don’t want to order both as the breadboard joins you with a delectable olive tapenade. This freshly made focaccia is brought out at room temperature, drizzled with olive oil, crunchy sea salt rides the edge and hosts a hint of rosemary throughout a light but not an airy piece of bread. This is completed rounded out by the tasty tapenade to top it off.

I can understand why Kunga Barphungpa the Assistant General Manager let us know that he serves himself “a slice every morning!”

Crispy Polenta Chips

If you are looking to order a show-stopping authentic dish that will have any nonna writing home to her relatives in Italy; it would be the crispy polenta chips! I would suggest they call them pillows of pure yellow bliss. Slight crisp on the first bite, with the subtle kick of the parmesan, flaked flavour filling your mouth; all whilst you enjoy the melting moment of the delicious innards drizzling down to a delicious mouth full of Italian heritage – This is a must-order!


Superfood Salad

Stop the press! This dish will have you shook! The elements of roasted beets, pulses grains, broccoli, spicy seeds and Calabrian chilli are all divine – but there was one extra thing that was the talk of the table, and it was sitting on top of the dish as though it were the crowning piece. A generous serving of avocado is one thing to rejoice over – but have you ever experienced it smoked?! This is a dish that will have you trying to recreate it at home. A moment that you will want to share with your grandchildren one day. We were grateful to be let in on a little secret; it’s chargrilled!


Funky Chips

Hello, rustic potatoes you beautifully balanced starchy carb! How have you reminded me of the pure simplicity of things with the most essential ingredients and how easy it can be to create a feeling of nostalgia? There’s something so beautiful about a perfectly cut spud served with a fine balance of garlic and parsley. Homestyle selections for this menu at their finest.

Note: If you are feeling a little fancy and want to add a little truffle and parmesan cheese to your palate – get posh chips they are the next best thing to add on the side!


Blue Cheese Gnocchi

Wow, this dish has transported me to a new dimension! I don’t know how else to say “please order these perfect potato pasta to experience the flavour sensation for yourself!” Out of all of the kinds of pasta that came flying out of the chef’s kitchen tonight, this is the one that earns three hats from me! I am never the type to order gnocchi from the menu; however, I am now eating my words (and every last piece off of this plate) as I am a sucker for some crispy sage. The soft pillows of potato were playing perfectly with the other textures accompanying the walnuts and kale that were holistically held in a sweet yet salty blue cheese creme sauce.

Nut Roast

The most uniquely satisfying, wholesome, well balanced vegan meal I have ever ordered from a menu (and I have ordered a lot of vegan food in my time). If you are a plant-based advocate I strongly advise that you make your way to the restaurant to try something truly new and exciting from the whole food scene. You will be in awe of the spice throughout with quinoa, squash, mushroom and apricot nut roast served with a arrabbiata sauce. This is a spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and dried red chilli peppers cooked in olive oil. Soak it all up with the sauteed, yet crispy kale on the side. There is something just so fulfilling about this dish! It truly was a heart warmer!

I could write all night about how true enthusiasm shines through every new menu item; however, I would highly recommend that you treat yourself to a night out to immerse your loved ones in a uniquely inspired dining moment. Get outside of the box and see first hand how Jamie’s Italian has the desire to take you through their new and inspired menu for an experience that authentically represents their passion for heritage and the Italian way of life.

Bon Appétit

Words by Leesha McGuiness

WHERE: 2 King William St, Adelaide


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