23rd Street Distillery – Single Malt Whisky Launch

Twenty Third Street Distillery has become a South Australian icon since its rebranding inception in 2016. Twenty Third Street’s distillery in Renmark boasts a rich history dating back to 1914, producing quality spirits for over a century. The present doesn’t fall short of the lengthy legacy, with the recent release of their first all-Australian single malt whisky.

The limited-edition whisky has already won gold at the 2019 World Whisky Awards under the Australian Single Malt category, and they’ve got their sight set on more gold for their liquid gold, and here’s why!

The liquor is bursting with earthy flavours, with every sip as strong, luxurious and warm as the last. The barley used in the making is a single Australian variety sourced from Queensland and is best known for its high quality and purity. The evidence is clear with Twenty Third Street Distillery’s single malt whisky that worthy ingredients really do make a world of difference for your tastebuds.

The Distillery collaborated with Byron Bay’s Stone & Wood Brewing Co. to develop the whisky wash, specifically seeking a light, fruity style of whisky. The fruitiness-gauge is just one of those things that need to be figured out by the individual drinker as everyone has a differing perception, said guest speaker and Master Distiller, Graham Buller at the launch.

After malting, mashing and fermentation, the liquid was copper pot distilled then set down in majority ex-bourbon oak barrels until Graham gave it the green light, and right he was. The final product is a light amber coloured whisky with complex, hearty tones, and perhaps a little bit of spice for wow-factor…it really has a kick to it!

“Our limited-edition Single Malt Whisky is a non-replicable blend,” said Graham Buller.

“Being in the Riverland, we’re in an advantageous position for producing superior whisky, with out warm climate and unique ageing techniques, we’re able to gently accelerate maturation and character development to produce exceptional spirits,” Graham shared.

Not only is the whisky inside the bottle beautifully unique, but as is the artwork on the outside of the bottle. Guadalupe Cincunegui, is an archeologist by day, and an avid artist by night. After receiving an email out of the blue from Twenty Third Street Distillery asking her to design the label, Guadalupe questioned whether she was being scammed. This once in a lifetime opportunity saw Guadalupe pursuing her lifelong passion, and work got underway for the single malt label. Her work is inspired by geometric patterns, repetitiveness and bold graphic line drawing, which are all evident in the design. If you look closely you can even see small grains of barley and the Murray River incorporated into the artwork.

Now, this is a limited edition whisky, to the point that only 4,200 bottle have been produced. If you know someone that loves whisky, this might just be the perfect local gift. Twenty Third Street Distillery’s limited-edition Single Malt Whisky is available online, from selected retailers and their Distillery in Renmark and North Adelaide locations.

Words by Dale Anninos-Carter



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