Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019 – Tash York: Adulting

The ubertalented Tash York is performing her sold out show Adulting at Masonic Lounge for the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival. With a wine in hand, Tash’s wears a red bandana in her big hair and, what are affectionately known as, hoe earrings. Tash makes us all feel a bit better about not mastering being an adult.

You know the friend with the horror dating stories? Tash is that friend. From being engaged at 19 to trying to move in with her boss, you will laugh along with her mistakes, and they may feel especially familiar if you are normally the friend with the stories.

Tash’s friendly persona makes her audience interaction feel casual and she engages us all in revealing how being an adult isn’t as many of us imagined. One lucky audience member may even get a song in their honour.

Millennial humour about avocados and housing deposit-size debts for parking fines will be far too relatable for the 20 to 30-somethings in the audience. The witty parodies of radio hits and Disney medleys show off Tash’s vocal and comedic ability. The highlights are nursery rhyme raps and an ode to self-love.

The take home of Adulting is a positive message about pursuing your dreams on your own timeline and patting yourself on the back for achieving adult basics like feeding yourself without a drive thru.

Tash’s easy charm and golden voice will make you laugh and reflect for a wonderful hour of cabaret.

Head to Gluttony’s Masonic Lounge tonight to see Adulting at 8:15pm. Buy tickets here.

Words by Chloe Cannell


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