Lot 100

Hay Valley is host to Lot 100, a distinctive destination. This avant-garde space is doing things daringly different for Adelaide Hills. If you’re looking for a place that proudly produces a collaborative blend of better food and craft beverages, you’ll find it here!

Lot 100 is an all-in-one ál a carte restaurant, brewery, distillery and function centre. Established in December 2018 as a joint venture for five of Adelaide’s finest beverage companies; Mismatch Brewing, The Hills Cider Company, Ashton Valley Fresh and Vinteloper. They’ve come together to co-create with a common goal, to be better. Each element of this partnership portrays their passion for an all-inclusive process; sharing as they strive forward toward native tastes; in doing so focusing on locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

We highly recommend you mix it up, not just for their signature cocktails but to make a day of it here. This is the place to bring your entire family and friends. Even the kids have the opportunity to join in a tasting of juices as you immerse yourself in the flight of South Australian flavours; choosing a range of their finest local wine, gin, beer and ciders.

Ensure you embrace the full experience of Lot 100 with their weekend brewery and distillery tours. You can feel the fiery passion in the soul of your guide as they take you through the creation process and the selection of native ingredients.

First, you must immerse yourself in their paddock to plate ethos. This is a restaurant dining experience redefined by their fusion of modern Italian as it meets modern Australian. The taste of each dish will transport you to a different time and place, returning you again with the experience of flavours found as cultivated directly from their farm of 84 acres. This menu is seasonally crafted by the head chefs, Shannon Fleming (formerly of Orana) and Tom Bubner (formerly of Pizza e Mozzarella) so be sure to make your way back again for the fresh bounty of each new harvest.

They took us through a journey of better food, we hope you take your own journey too!

Small plates included:

Beetroot Stracciatella, Burnt Leek, Macadamia

This dish was surprisingly sweet and spicy, holding an even balance of the two countered combinations. The cold disposition was intriguing to the tongue. However, this kept us going back for more. The beetroot was cured to perfection without any bittnerness to be found. The leek lovingly picked from this season’s finest ingredients. The texture embodied a long layer of onion and burnt without the overpowering taste which would generally take over. The smooth and creamy stracciatella held a slight firmness with medicinal pungency at the back of the palate, finding the crumb of the macadamia to give it a versatile kick. A well-rounded impressive combination of seasonal winter favourites.

Purple Sprouts, Kalettes, Ricotta Salata, Almond, Basil

This is the epitome of an ingredient outdoing its expectation! I have not stopped talking about the kalettes since the first bursting bite of transformative flavour in an all-new captivating experience. At first, you are taken by the crispiness of the kalette, then it explodes in your mouth with each leaf letting loose it’s own salty smooth basil-infused punch of pure almond bliss. The purple brussel sprouts retain the natural bitterness whilst the ricotta salata is crispy and balances well with the kale. This dish is a must-try! I hope to experience this again before it’s taken off the rotation. If they run out of kalettes – I promise it’s not just me who feels this way!

Kingfish, Apple, Lilly Pilly, Salt Bush

When this beautiful dish arrived we were captivated with intrigue and interest! Pops of contrasting colours caught our eye. We sent down the line and immediately got hooked by the kingfish as it combined with the apple, lilly pilly and saltbush. Each element balanced swimmingly with sweet-tasting notes mixed amongst our native favourites. Thankfully no fishy after taste to be found, although it held just enough of its own to allow us to experience a moment of the earth being brought to the sea! Once again, enthralled by their ability to plate with impeccable portions to scale and balance every note.

Pasta included:

Duck Tortellini, Warrigal, Chestnuts

The flavour and texture of the duck surprised in a softness that was identifiably slow-cooked. This melted down with each new bite. The star of the dish shined through the hand-rolled pasta cooked authentically al dente. A perfect portion of tortellini filling the plate modestly. Surprisingly the subtle gaminess of the duck still made an appearance. The chestnuts were less than desirable after leaving a melancholy feeling as if we were missing out, wishing for them to be crisp rather than soggy.

Pizza included:

Each with a 48 hour cured dough, hand-rolled and crafted to perfection! We loved the simplicity of each of these two large plate filling pizzas.

Potato, Taleggio, Rosemary
Who doesn’t love carbs on carbs with the authentic taste of potato on rosemary? This pizza transported me back in time to my home-cooked meals lovingly crafter potato bakes that my mother would prepare with pride. Simplicity in design and execution.

Salami, Nduja, Chilli
A staff favourite this salami hits you with the chilli taking you to a spicy place. You will be left feeling curious as to what brings the heat. We are a fan of choosing the best ingredients and not sparing them on our pizza. This one gets our tick of approval.

This journey of a farm to table experience can be defined by my feelings that each seemingly sounding simple thing was showcased shockingly well!

Thank you Lot 100 for redefining balance through better food!

Lot 100 is open on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and on Friday from 11am till late.

Words by Leesha McGuiness

WHERE: Lot 100, Chambers Rd, Hay Valley


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