The Highway – Native Creative Menu 2019

To spice up this mundane month of June, The Highway are offering two weeks of amazing creations sourcing ingredients from native Australia in their Native Creative Menu which will be available from 12th-26th June. The menu offers five innovative dishes that dives in deep and brings homage to some of Australia’s most remarkable native foods and delicacies.

The first dish, beautiful in presentation, was the Cured Crocodile Carpaccio. Served Sashimi style, the components of this dish were simply laid, with droplets of caper berry, charred parsley puree, and parmesan sauce. For texture and subtle seasoning, Samphire, a native Australian vegetable was used which is also commonly known as Beaded Glasswort or Chicken Claw. When all combined and savoured through taste, this dish has beautiful delicate flavours which paired perfectly with the cured crocodile.

For the next dish, it’s time to travel to the subtropical coast line of Australia and indulge in some Moreton Bay Bug Pasta. This creation offered perfectly cooked Moreton Bay Bug’s, accompanied by Goolwa pipis, complimented with chilli, garlic, white wine and Warrigal greens. Warrigal greens is another native Australian vegetable which is similar to spinach, and pairs perfectly in pasta. The Moreton Bay Bug Pasta was fresh, creamy and oozes of umami flavour.

Next up we have the Kangaroo Fillet. Cooked medium rare, neighboured with Karkalla, pickled muntrie berries, roasted beetroot alongside peppered garlic puree and jus. Muntrie berries, also known as a native cranberry brings forth subtle sweetness to the dish. Karkalla another native ingredient offers naturally salty flavours. When all combined the smell and taste was incredibly earthy and flavoursome. A beautifully curated native dish that took us away to the strikingly red outback.

What better way to enjoy a winters night than a serve of Venison Shanks with mashed yam, sautéed Warrigal greens and rich basing gravy. The gamey rich taste of the Venison Shanks was bold and the meat effortlessly fell off the bone. The rich basing gravy lusciously coated itself with the venison for a wholesome feed. More so, beneath the venison laid fluffy clouds of sweet mashed yam and beautifully sautéed Warrigal greens. A hearty, warmth felt dish that needs to be experienced by all.

Last but not least, the Lemon Myrtle Mousse with wattle seed crumble. A dessert that is refreshing, aromatic with soft pillow like textures. The Lemon Myrtle herb has a fragrance similar to lemongrass but is more on the acidic side like a lemon or lime. Taste wise it marries perfectly in mousse and gives off a light sensory sweetness. The Wattle Seed naturally embodies sweet, nutty flavours, and worked harmoniously with the Lemon Myrtle Mousse giving off crunchy rustic textures. A beautiful delicate dessert that showed off some amazing Native Australia ingredients.

The Highway’s Native Creative Menu takes you on a journey to all things native Australia. It was a culinary experience to taste and learn about native ingredients and flavours that are rooted right here in our backyard. Pieced together beautifully. This Menu is limited and will end on the 26th of June. Don’t miss out on this spectacular Native Creative Menu.

Words by Tien Thach of adelaideeatz

WHERE: 290 Anzac Highway, Plympton


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