Cabaret Fringe Festival 2019 – Just Desserts

Sweet, sexy and delicious. These are all appropriate words to describe Michelle Pearson and her show, Just Desserts. Coming off the back of an award-winning performance at the Adelaide Fringe, Michelle, a stunning vocalist who runs a catering and event management business, has found a way to merge her love of sugary sweets and sultry tones.

Just Desserts is a delightfully naughty and sensually scrumptious cabaret show where Pearson hooks you with her witty and playful songs and keeps you wanting more with her delectable treats. Michelle Pearson is an absolute talent. Without the sweet treats this would still be a class A show. Yet Michelle uses her particular set of skills to put together an amazing show that comes with a classic Tiramisu, a spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate, and a tantalizing chocolate crisp with a raspberry surprise.

As sweet as the desserts are at the end of the day they are still treats. A nice addition to good show and far from what I would consider the main course. The main pull of this show is Pearson herself and everything that she puts into this show from its presentation, her cooking, her stunning voice and unmistakable flair build her into the tremendous entertainer that she is today. Multiple Fringe shows later and a successful business and Michelle has made a respectable name for herself yet she is still the same intelligent, fierce and fun loving person she has always been and that is clearly visible her performance. If nothing else, you should see Michelle Pearson because she is a marvellous performer.

Michelle’s show may be over now, but this is far from her last waltz. Keep an eye out for her future shows at the Adelaide Fringe and the Cabaret Fringe. Check out her site for more info on shows as well as her catering company, Lucky Kitchen. Michelle Pearson is absolutely the total package.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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