Festival of Food 2019 – Windy Point Cafe

The Windy Point Café is taking part in the Festival of Food to celebrate good eating in Adelaide.

As part of the festival, the café is providing a four-course meal to show off what they have to offer, all for $35.00 per person on Tuesday to Thursday, and for $39.50 per person on Fridays.

And with the complimenting view of the city through their large curved window, Windy Point Café offers guests a relaxed, romantic atmosphere to accompany the fine dining experience.

We had mocktails to start; a juicy pineapple bee sting and a vanilla lime with mint. Both drinks were very sweet and refreshing, giving lovely fruity flavours. But if you are someone who likes something less sweet; Windy Point Café has a smart drinks list featuring a lovely selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

We got started with Bread; a delicious beetroot hummus on a house made crostini. The warm bread was perfect after coming in on a cold night and had a lovely crunch and slight smoky tones from the grilled crust. The texture balanced well with the soft centre of the bread. The hearty and deep savoury flavours came from the beetroot hummus, also adding a slight sweetness from the beetroot itself. A thick and generous spread, the beetroot hummus on the house made crostini was a delicious start to our Festival of Food tasting.

The Entrée Tasting Plate consisted of a Health Shot Salad, Spanish Tortilla and Smoked Chicken. The Health Shot Salad had a cool and refreshing crunch with a slight tang from the dressing and the added pickled red onion. A lovely array of flavours and textured that balanced nicely. The small salad wasn’t large but packed a punch, complimenting the freshness, with a slight tang and also balancing with earthier tones of the nuts and vegetables.

The Spanish Tortilla with romesco was similar in taste to a Spanish omelette. The potato cubes that packed together with the egg to hold its square shape were smooth and soft, complimented with various herbs and the creamy egg flavour. A lovely fresh, tomato based sauce balanced the savoury dish, that added a slighter sweeter tang to the ricer flavours of the egg and potato.

The Smoked Chicken was also served with celeriac, ham and avocado. Lovely prominent meaty flavours balanced together, with the flavours of both the cold ham slices and the tender chicken pieces. The richer meat flavours balanced with the earthier tones of the celeriac as well as the creamy avocado. A lovely refreshing dish, even with the prominent meaty tones through out.

The Barramundi Fillet was served with lahanodolmades, ginger cream, tomato oil and grapes. The lahanodolmades (Greek cabbage rolls), contained a lovely fish cake centre which was full of flavour and balanced well with the soft cabbage wrap that added a light flavour balance to the fish centre. The Barramundi belly was beautifully cooked, soft with a lovely crispy and salty skin. The fish fillet held a more prominent flavour, while the lahanodolmade was slightly creamier in flavour. The grapes added sweeter tones to the savoury dish that complimented the thick and creamy sauce that included flavours of ginger, shallots, and chilli. Overall, a beautiful, hearty and warming dish, perfect for the cooling winter days.

The Kangaroo Fillet was served with a pistachio hummus, caponata and cumin crisp. The caponata bed contained lovely tang notes from the capsicum and olives, which gave off prominent earthy and slightly smoky flavours that paired well with the cumin crisp. The texture balance of the light but strong flavoured wafer was perfect, and the lovely fragrant cumin spice held in the mouth. The kangaroo meat was cooked perfectly with a strong peppery coating, while the pistachio hummus gave a slight earthy tang that balanced with the rich flavours of the soft and tender kangaroo meat. A lovely earthy meal where every component balanced together wonderfully.

The Braised Chicken and Fennel Pie was also served with fennel relish. The hearty pie gave off lovely earthy savoury notes. The generous filling contained lovely, tender chicken pieces, all held in a slightly crisp but buttery pastry shell. The fragrant fennel relish gave slighter sweeter tones that balanced well with the savoury meat. The dish was lively and saucy, not at all dry and was of a generous size that definitely filled us up. The flavour profile was not too rich and the flavour of the chicken and the fennel balanced well. A lovely warm and hearty dish, again perfect for the cold winter nights.

For our sides, we had Potato Wedges with smoked paprika aioli and chilli syrup; and a Rocket Salad with roast garlic, balsamic, Parmesan and a pear relish. The wedges were lovely and crisp, having the perfect crunch on the skin with a beautiful soft centre. The wedges were perfectly seasoned, holding a lovely light salty tang. The two sauces served on the side paired perfectly with the potato; the chilli syrup giving a slight heat, while the paprika aioli was creamy and with a lovely fragrant spice.

The Salad was lovely, fresh and crisp and was coated with a generous amount of grated Parmesan. The cheese gave the perfect saltiness along with a creamy tang to balance with the earthier flavour of the rocket, while the pear relish was juicy and sweet. A simple dish that was packed full of flavour and texture.

For the main courses and our side dishes, we were able to choose from Windy Point Café’s A La Carte menu.

Next we were treated to dessert. The Vanilla Bean Crème Caramel, was served with raspberry sorbet and coconut tuile. The thick crisp, but light tuile was sweet and crisp. The caramel itself was smooth and light but also had a lovely thick consistency that was perfect. The caramel was also not too sweet and was complimented by the raspberry sorbet, which was cool and contained a prominent fruity flavour. The caramel, sorbet and tuile all balanced well both in flavour and texture, and overall was a very satisfying dish.

The Dessert Tasting Plate contained a Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie; a White Chocolate Cheesecake; and a Tiramasu. The White Chocolate Cheesecake was served with cardamom cream, ginger crumb and honeycomb. The creamy cheesecake was thick in consistency, but lovely, smooth and soft in texture. Paired with the sweet crunch of honeycomb that gave a slight tang, while the crumb added a savoury element to the dish, that wasn’t too overpowering and complimented the sweeter notes of the white chocolate.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie was served with a Frangelico mousse, raspberries and praline. The brownie itself was lovely thick and rich, containing deeper notes from the dark chocolate, that paired well with the light Frangelico cream on top that gave a fragrant tang. The brownie was almost like fudge, while the raspberries gave a slight tartness that balanced the sweeter notes of the mousse and the richer tones of the brownie.

The Tiramisu was layered with strega, coffee, mascarpone and chocolate. The tiramisu was light, having an almost sponge consistency, lifting with the light mascarpone cream. The coffee flavour was not too overpowering, just enough to give a slight kick, that balanced perfectly with the sweeter cream and the soft and sweet chocolate. There was also a lovely sweet tang from the strega liqueur that paired perfectly with the coffee flavour.

We also had the Petit Four. The Nutella Balls coated in coconut were dense in texture and held lovely sweet notes, that weren’t too strong. The balance of the richer dark chocolate flavour and a sweet earthiness from the hazelnuts was perfect. The coconut coating helped lift and balance all the flavours together. The Apple Jelly Cubes were served with freeze-dried raspberry to top. The cold apple pure had a slightly course texture but was lovely, almost custard like. The cubes were soft and sweet and very refreshing, pairing well with the Nutella balls, balancing the sweeter tones.

Windy Point Café offers a lovely selection of dishes, and also cater for any dietary requirements guests may have.

They gave an approachable and well thought out menu for the Festival of Food, and it was evident the chefs took great love and care into preparing and presenting the dishes that were served.

Complimented with the beautiful city views, we had a wonderful and enjoyable night full of delicious food.

To have your own wonderful experience, visit Windy Point Café today and download the Festival of Food app now. Available on iPhone and Android.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: Belair Rd, Belair


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