Lady Burra Brewhouse – Chocolate Stout Beer

Adelaide’s favourite inner-city microbrewery, Lady Burra Brewhouse, is embracing the start of winter by launching a limited batch of Chocolate Stout Beer, this Friday, 31st May. As the weather in Adelaide gets cooler, there is no better way to warm up the insides than by enjoying this unique and hearty craft brew.

Lady Burra Brewhouse’s Head Brewer, Eliot Kirby, created the new beer and says he was inspired by the changing weather and left-over Easter chocolates.

“After indulging last month and seeing the amount of left-over chocolate from Easter, I was inspired to create a unique and delicious beer for the winter period,” says Eliot.

“We decided on a dark stout to best enhance the chocolate flavor, and winter is the perfect time to launch the brew and enjoy a dark, rich beer.”

Eliot has previously created a number of other unique brews for the iconic venue including a Raspberry and Honey Blonde Ale, Peach Beer and Strawberry Beer. Constantly focusing on seasonal and timely craft beer releases, the Chocolate Stout is no different.

“There is a large amount of chocolate malt which gives a soft and chocolaty taste so it’s approachable for everyone to drink,” says Eliot.

“Some people don’t like dark stouts but everyone loves chocolate so I can safely say this beer caters for even the non-stout drinkers. It’s a medium to full-bodied beer and is not bitter, making it easy to drink and great to keep the winter chills away.”

The beer has a strong coffee and chocolate malt scent and boasts chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors with a mild roasted barley taste to finish.

Lady Burra Brewhouse’s Chocolate Stout will be available on tap for a limited time from Friday 31st May at Topham Mall, Adelaide. For more information on Lady Burra Brewhouse and their full range of beers, visit their website.

WHERE: 4 Topham Mall, Adelaide


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