The Donburi House

Donburi by definition is a Japanese ‘rice bowl dish’ served along with fresh fish, spiced and marinated meats, and seasonal vegetables all combined together to make a mouth-watering Japanese delight.

The Donburi House prides itself on this dish but it also has so much more to offer that this is going to become a new favourite in the South CBD.

Adelaide Food Central paid a visit to The Donburi House to find out why this is such a popular Japanese dish. What we found was Japanese cuisine done right and an expression of love for such an exquisite palette.

Let’s get on with the establishments name sake. The Donburi. From the Gyu Don, made up of thinly sliced beef and onion in a sweet and savoury dashi broth, a perfect beef dish to complement the traditional Japanese flavours. However I can’t go past the Karaage Don. Karaage goes with everything Japanese and Donburi is no exception. With Japanese mayo and onsen and chilli egg, Karaage continues to be the best way to have fried chicken and this may be the best way to have Karaage.

The restaurant is called Donburi House but it is by far not the only thing they do. The top of the delicious chart is occupied by what head chef Lulu He calls the Salted Egg series. A selection of dishes all utilising the distinctive flavour of Lulu’s signature salted egg sauce. Capitalising on this appetising blend of flavours is the Pan-Seared Medium Salmon Steak served up with a chilli Hanjuku egg, edamame, shallot, pickled veg and of course that delectable salted egg sauce. This is the true highlight of Donburi House but I guess Donburi sounds better than ‘Salted Egg House’.

Keeping along the lines of not Donburi is my favourite dish of all, Dan Dan Chasui Stir Udon. Udon sourced directly from Japan served alongside chasui in a sesame dan dan sauce, another of the chef’s specialities. This easily has the most striking flavour. In a cuisine that is all about sauces and accompaniments one that can leave an impression are always the ones you comeback to. With a sweet and tangy flavour it compliments its other ingredients incredibly well and cements itself as my number one pick.

Previously from Akimatsu, another Japanese favourite specialising in Tempura, Lulu He has branched off and found her own powerful speciality. So come down to The Donburi House on Sturt Street in the city for some great Donburi or really any great Japanese dishes.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 52 Sturt St, Adelaide


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