Sustainable Clothing Co.

With the opening of Rundle Plaza, H&M and the latest MACstore, Adelaide is becoming more and more of a trendy and up to date city. With all these exciting and fashion intensive establishments now available it can be easy to forget the huge impact what we wear has on our environment. Regardless of where you go whether it be Zara or Target, it is good to be mindful of exactly how the environment is impacted by fashion.

Laura Vogt, founder of Sustainable Clothing Co, has been pondering this for many years. Championing the campaign of clothing mindfulness she has been providing Adelaide with a conscientious fashion alternative for a number of years. From organic, recycled and ethical clothing everything Sustainable Clothing Co has to offer is light on footprint so as to take the weight off your mind.

As well as being environmentally responsible Sustainable Clothing Co also has a very distinctive image. Even with all it’s progressive ideas a clothing store still needs to be fashionable. Vogt has found a style that herself and many other Adelaidians can relate to and she’s dived right in. A lot of what is on display at Sustainable Clothing Co has alternative and indie vibes. Fitting well with herself and the environmental movement. Using this Vogt has not only expressed to the world how to look good and feel good about how you do it. There is nothing more fashion forward than this.

Even with the alt theme fairly planted there is still plenty around to attract the eye regardless of your tastes. A house of wonders if you will, sky is the limit for Vogt and the sustainable movement. This is just the latest in new and innovative ideas to see the spotlight as part of the Renew Adelaide rejuvenation program. Bringing small business to the forefront.

Sustainable Clothing Co opens this Wednesday at their new location on Hindley Street in the city. Keep an eye out, in can be easy to miss but is a definitive diamond in the rough.

Words and Images by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 34 Hindley St, Adelaide


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