Feathers Hotel – Greenhouse Restaurant

A staple of the Eastern suburbs, the historic Feathers Hotel has provided good food and atmosphere for its denizens for years. As time goes by a revitalisation is needed every now and then to show Adelaide you are keeping up to date in the modern age.

In this aspect the Feathers has gone above and beyond to stay relevant. A 1.8 million dollar renovation ensures that Feathers Hotel stays on the forefront of the dining and functions experience. Multiple revamped rooms and spaces, all with a modular presentation and a high-market, modern feel. The Feathers hotel has everything you could want in a venue. Three different eating spaces, five bars and a specialised cellar and plenty of immaculate function and event capacity.

Each room at the Feathers Hotel has been lovingly and immaculately dressed to produce a different and alluring vibe. Each space catering to whatever needs you may want. The Greenhouse restaurant is open and well lit to provide an ideal reception environment for any upcoming wedding, right next to the cellar in which to serve an extensive selection of wine to your guests.

The Feathers Hotel menus have also seen a marked improvement. With the three different eateries the menu will differ dependant on where you decide to eat. From the Asian/Indian fusion dishes in the Greenhouse, health conscious bowls, and pizzas from the Pavilion and the more traditional pub style meals in the Terrace. There is a wide range available at Feathers and they’re sure to appeal to whatever mood you’re in. This approach does create a Jack of all Trades, Master of None scenario though. I couldn’t honestly tell you what the specialty of Feathers is but with so many options it’ll be easy to find something you enjoy.

The new Feathers Hotel looks a million bucks and so it should. With the new Greenhouse open to the public this is only another stepping stone that this illustrious establishment has taken to become the icon in the east that it deserves to be.

To see menus and dining times for each of the Feathers venues and the new Greenhouse Restaurant got to www.feathershotel.com.au

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 516 Glynburn Rd, Burnside


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