Aladdin The Musical

With so many shows doing their Australian tour and skipping Adelaide the wishes of Adelaide came true when it was announced the stage spectacular of Disney’s Aladdin would be coming to our little city. When were invited along to the opening night at the Adelaide Festival Centre on Sunday my expectations were as high as Aladdin’s magic carpet as it fly’s past the moon. They were well and truly exceeded by the glittering, colourful, humor filled show with its endearing characters and songs that I found myself humming for days.

Our Genie is played to a flamboyant, hilarious perfection by Gareth Jacobs, in a role that he was born to play. Receiving a standing ovation part way through Act 1 following his introductory song “Friend Like Me”, Jacobs owns every scene his is in. Not to take away from the rest of the cast, our hero Aladdin, played by Graeme Isaako brings an earnest warmth to the lovable, cheeky larrikin who only has eyes for the out of reach Princess Jasmine. Shubshri Kandiah is uplifting and strong in her portrayal of a rebellious Princess who will accept nothing but true love.

Our lead performers are supported by an impressive support cast that sing, dance and entertain endlessly in a flurry of colour and energy across a bright ever-changing set that includes an Arabian inspired market place, a glitzy palace and an awe-inspiring golden, glittery magic cave.

There is only one thing left to say….Genie, I wish for unlimited tickets to see Aladdin!

Words by Kate Wilkinson



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