Chu Chu

Tucked away in Topham Mall – located on one of the CBD’s busiest streets – is newly open Chu Chu!
With an east meets west Asian-fusion style menu, Chu Chu attempts what many dinner restaurants are trying these days, although, for breakfast and lunch instead.

We decided to pay them a visit and here’s what we thought:

Benny Pocket with Salmon
With everything you’d expect of a good eggs benedict, the Benny Pocket has delicious hollandaise sauce drizzled over a runny poached egg and served with salmon in a bun – Chu Chu’s take on a real breakfast classic.

Pork Ciabatta Roll
One of their signature dishes, the Pork Ciabatta Roll features 13 hour slow-cooked roasted pork with crackling and salsa verde. The pork was an incredibly generous serving, working well with a tangy pesto, and the crackling was perfectly done – not too hard or chewy. To top it off, the ciabatta was fluffy on the inside and lightly toasted on the outside – just what we like!

China Chook
We just had to try Chu Chu’s insta-worthy black sesame bun burgers and who can go past a tantalising chicken burger?! With crunchy Szechuan fried chicken, a nice cabbage slaw, and secret butter sauce, the China Chook was only made better by the slightly sweet black sesame brioche bun. This burger is smaller in size than your average burger, but that only makes it ideal for a quick lunchtime meal.

Crabby Patty
Another version of Chu Chu’s black sesame bun burgers, the Crabby Patty features a light and fluffy crab omelette, cori, and salad greens. The omelette itself contained a nice amount of crab meat, allowing the full flavour to come through. Drizzled with a smoky jalapeno mayo (reminiscent of Japanese Kewpie mayo) and laced with a hint of chilli, this dish definitely begins to lean more eastern style.

Hokkaido Vegan Ramen
Probably our favourite dish of the day, the Hokkaido Vegan Ramen has traditional Japanese ramen served with tofu, bok choy, cori, onions, nori flakes, in a creamy sesame broth with miso. Not only was the ramen soft and slightly chewy (just how a good ramen should be), the flavour of the sesame broth complimented the texture of the noodles very well. With chilli sauce optional, the Hokkaido Vegan Ramen is a must try for anyone!

Eggplant Rice Bowl with Onsen Egg
This dish was simple yet memorable. With sliced tomato, cucumber, and beet, the real hero of this dish was definitely the tempura eggplant. And I say this as someone who usually doesn’t like eggplant! It was just the beautiful slightly salty-sweet tempura batter and small, crunchy, bite size pieces that won me over! We chose to have this rice bowl with the onsen egg, which broke satisfyingly over the sticky rice as soon as we poked it. Topped with a delicious peanut caramel sauce, this dish was definitely a winner for us (even for a doubtful eggplant-hater like me!).

Whether you’re swinging past before work to grab a freshly brewed morning coffee or dining in for lunch, the cozy Chu Chu is the ideal destination for those looking for a fresh new hotspot in the heart of Adelaide.

Chu Chu is located in Currie Street’s Topham Mall and is open Monday to Friday 6:30am til 3:30pm for breakfast and lunch.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: Topham Mall, Shop 6-7, 54 Waymouth St, Adelaide


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