Adelaide Fringe 2019 – The Showmen: LIVE!

The Showmen: LIVE! is already setting the Adelaide Fringe on fire with their mix of comedy, magic and illusion.

Within Gluttony’s newest performance arena, The Phoenix Room at the Masonic Lodge, Award winning Melbourne Magic duo is stunning audience members with their unique, never-before-seen magic show.

Even though Sam Hume and Justin Williams are just 21 and 25 respectively, don’t let their age fool you as they already have years of experience under their belts.

After meeting in 2014 the two have created a renowned name for themselves with their unique blend of magic, comedy and illusion tricks, and have even been compared to Vegas’ most iconic magic duo Penn & Teller.

The brothers of magic now debut their new non-stop, energetic performance after coming out of back-to-back shows at the 2015, 2016 and 2019 Melbourne Magic Festivals and celebrated performances at the Melbourne Fringe and Perth’s Fringe World.

Sam Hume, has also been the former Australian Champion of Close-Up magic and two-time winner of the Australian Junior Championships of magic, where he met his now partner in crime, Justin Williams.

“Justin and I have been passionate about magic and performing our whole lives,” said Sam.

“We have painstakingly put together completely original routines, bringing together a range of disciplines to deliver a show that is sure to leave an impression.”

Their show-stopping illusions, mind-warping slight of hand, and death-defying escapes, ingeniously mixed in with humour and cheerful personalities, is the secret to their success and makes their show all the more unique.

Over the years Sam and Justin have been given plenty of support from the local community which has fuelled their passion and kept their magic dream alive after a terrible tragedy in 2015, where Sam Hume’s family home, which held all of the act’s apparatus, lighting and props, was destroyed in a fire, causing the loss of $40,000 worth of crucial equipment and brought an emotional blow to the family and the magic pair.

“The unbelievable backing from the community gave us the opportunity to start from scratch and build everything up again,” said Sam.

“We built a rehearsal studio, and, with so much more space to rehearse, we have been able to create big, brand-new effects and illusions. Ironically, since the fire, our routines have incorporated more pyrotechnics!”

After a long start, these events only fuelled the pair’s dream of one day being able to perform for the world in Vegas; using the Adelaide Fringe as a big step in showing people just what they can do.

Justin Williams, is the energetic stunt man of the duo and knew from the start he and Sam could would work well as a team, coming up with magic tricks no one has seen before.

“When designing The Showmen: LIVE!, we started by thinking of effects that are impossible – and then found a way to make them possible,” said Justin.

“We guarantee the people of Adelaide have never seen anything like this before!”

And Justin was right. Combining comedy, illusions and magic tricks plus dangerous feats; showing things from card tricks to stunts that will leave you in wonder of how that could ever be achieved.

The Showmen: LIVE! Is one of the greatest shows you will experience at this years fringe, with the perfect balance of comedy and magic all in one.

Sam and Justin will have you on the edge of your seats and leave you wishing the show went longer than 60 minutes.

If you only get to see a couple of shows this year, then make sure The Showmen: LIVE! is one of them. You will not regret it.

With a massive following already and only five shows left, bookings are essential to ensure you secure your seat to what is set to be one of the greatest shows of the year. You can book your tickets here.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 254 North Tce, Adelaide


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