Bottega Gelateria

Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the creamy and delicious gelati at Bottega Gelateria in Henley Beach. Botega in Italian translates to ‘an artists workplace’ and that is exactly what this gelati shop reminds me of, an artist’s masterpiece.

Adriano Macri the owner of this new gelataria invited us into his sweet world. You can tell straight away from the ambience of the shop to the quality of the ice cream that he has a passion for what he does. From ice-cream university in Bologna, to working around Italy and Australia, he has finally settled and opened up this beautiful store in Adelaide. Unlike the traditional way we are used to, Adriano hides his gelati. The reason being is he wants his customers to image the flavours just by reading the menu before they taste the product.

Each and every item that Adriano uses in his gelati is complexly natural and 100% real. None of the products are flavoured, what you taste is what you get. We were lucky to try a range of flavours but one in particular that caught our eye was the Valentines Day special, ‘Akbar Mashti’ which was a mixture of saffron infused milk, rose water and their house roasted local Gawler pistachios, yum. The other products that we loved were the sorbets, including watermelon, strawberry, rockmelon and lemon. It tasted like you were literally biting into the fruit. I loved how each sorbet also had the ingredient mixed through. When eating the rockmelon flavour for instance you would get real pieces of fruit.

We would love to thank Adriano and Margarita for inviting us into their beautiful shop and showing us their products and the passion that they have. We highly recommend checking them out as I guarantee it will be one of your next favourite gelato spots.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 249A Seaview Rd, Henley Beach


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