St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert – 2019 Summer Collection Launch

Every year, St Louis Home of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert come up with a new range of desserts for us to try. Founders, George and Misha Karamalis have made the dessert bar an institution with six stores in Adelaide and one in the Philippines.

Louis’ Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love good banana bread?  On top of a thick slice of toasted banana bread is melted dark chocolate sauce, peanut butter and French vanilla ice cream. Topped with caramelised banana, crushed hazelnuts, shortbread crumb, strawberry and edible violets, this dish it the perfect sweet tooth’s breakfast or brunch option.

Peaches and Cream Waffle

On top of a Belgian waffle is slices of peach and whipped mascarpone cream. Add French vanilla ice cream, shortbread crumbs, crushed pistachios and a drizzle of maple syrup, and you have an amazing dessert.

Raw Berry Sweet

Even vegans are catered for at St Louis. The vegan berry slice is served with strawberries, mandarin, lemon curd and vegan crumb. The dessert is topped off with a refreshing scoop of raspberry sorbet.

Archie’s Cookie Sandwich

Sandwiches don’t have to be boring. Wedged between two Butterbing Choc-Brownie Cookies is a layer of chocolate cookie ganache and a scoop of pistachio ice cream, creating the best sandwich you will ever have.

Sweet Amalia Banoffee Journey

This dessert has been redesigned to look even better! On one side of the plate is a chocolate macaron, filled with a scoop of their signature St Louis ice cream. Pieces of chocolate sponge cake, dulche de leche, sliced banana and caramel popcorn are scattered around the macaron, all brought together with a creamy hazelnut ganache.

Bing’s Cookie Sandwich Shake

Taking crazy shakes to the next level is Bing’s Cookie Sandwich Shake. Served in a mason jar coated in melted white chocolate and freeze dried berries is their deliciously creamy and vibrant pink wild strawberry milkshake. On top lies another cookie sandwich, with a scoop of wild strawberry ice cream between two Butterbing Choc-Brownie Cookies.

St Louis Home of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert’s summer menu is now available at all their stores.





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