St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert – 2019 Summer Collection Launch

It’s that time of year again when St Louis Home of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert revamp their menu for the warmer months, and they have certainly delivered yet again with the launch of their summer 2019 dessert collection.

Established by George and Misha Karamalis, St Louis Home of Fine Ice Cream and Dessert has become one of Adelaide’s most highly renowned dessert bar franchises, operating across six South Australian stores and even one in the Philippines.

To herald in the new year, St Louis have recently hired a Michelin-style patisserie chef as well as a gelato master all the way from Italy to deliver authentic French and Italian style desserts of the finest quality.

“We’ve worked really hard this year to try and be innovators, and it’s something that we strive for and something we believe in,” Mr Karamalis said.

Adelaide Food Central was invited to St Louis’ exclusive Summer Collection Launch at their Glenelg store where we spent the evening taste-testing a variety of their new menu additions.

Louis’ Banana Bread

Our first course for the evening was Louis’ Banana Bread, which puts a sweet and fruity twist on the classic comfort food we all know and love. Atop a layer of melted dark chocolate sauce lay a thick slice of toasted banana bread, which was perfectly fluffy and bouncy to the touch. Generous dollops of warm peanut butter melted in your mouth, whilst a scoop of their signature French Vanilla ice-cream gave the dish a cool freshness. Topped with caramelised banana, crushed hazelnuts, shortbread crumb, strawberry and edible violets, this dish it the perfect sweet tooth’s breakfast or brunch option.

Peaches and Cream Waffle

To get your daily dose of fruit and dessert, the Peaches and Cream Waffle combines the two to form a fun and fruity creation! Served atop a warm Belgian waffle were juicy slices of fresh peach and whipped mascarpone cream, which added a sweet creaminess to the honey glazed waffle underneath. With a scoop of French Vanilla ice-cream for good measure, shortbread crumbs and crushed pistachios were embedded in a drizzle of maple syrup that seeped into the very core of this zesty waffle.

Raw Berry Sweet

St Louis now has the vegan’s sweet tooth satiated too, with the addition of their new Raw Berry Sweet dessert. This vegan berry slice is dressed up in spectacular style, served with fresh strawberries, juicy mandarin, lemon curd and a vegan crumb. A scoop of raspberry sorbet is the cherry on top of this guilt-free dessert, topped with a sprinkle of freeze-fried berry crumbs and a vibrant fuchsia raspberry coulis.

Archie’s Cookie Sandwich

Bored of just your standard ice-cream in a cone? Then Archie’s Cookie Sandwich is the unique new way of eating ice-cream! Wedged between two Butterbing Choc-Brownie Cookies is a layer of chocolate cookie ganache and a scoop of pistachio ice cream, creating the ultimate dessert version of a sandwich. Each cookie is dopped in melted milk chocolate and topped with honey roasted nuts, resulting in a triple chocolate explosion that is enough to cause a food coma. Cemented in place on the plate with a layer of raspberry coulis and topped with fresh strawberries and white Persian fairy floss, this cookie sandwich is best cracked into with a knife and fork.

Sweet Amalia Banoffee Journey

St Louis owners George and Misha asked their three-year-old daughter Amalia what her all-time favourite flavours were, to which she responded chocolate, popcorn and caramel. It was this very flavour combination that resulted in the creation of the Sweet Amalia Banoffee Journey. Elaborately presented on one side of the plate is a delicate chocolate macaron, filled with a scoop of their signature St Louis ice-cream. Pieces of moist chocolate sponge cake, dulche de leche, sliced banana and caramel popcorn are scattered around the macaron, all brought together with a creamy hazelnut ganache. Topped with a sprinkle of icing sugar to look like a light dusting of snow, this dish is their daughter Amalia’s dream come true.

Bing’s Cookie Sandwich Shake

No dessert menu is complete without a “freakshake”, and Bing’s Cookie Sandwich Shake is certainly a freakishly sweet milkshake! Served in a mason jar coated in melted white chocolate and freeze dried berries is their deliciously creamy and vibrant pink wild strawberry milkshake. On top lies another cookie sandwich, with a scoop of wild strawberry ice cream between two Butterbing Choc-Brownie Cookies. Topped with a swirl of whipped cream and a fresh strawberry, this toweringly tall milkshake makes for the perfect Instagram opportunity!

Raspberry Cheesecake Cocktail

The kind team at St Louis also treated us with their Raspberry Cheesecake Cocktail, which we can tell will be a sure-fire hit to wet your whistle on those balmy summer evenings. Made with vanilla vodka and Chambord mixed with their wild strawberry ice-cream, this clever concoction is deliciouslt creamy yet packs quite an alcoholic punch. Served in a coupe glass coated in melted white chocolate and freeze dried berries, look no further than this dessert cocktail for the perfect adults-only sweet treat.

Limited-Edition Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

As a surprise that wasn’t on our menu, we were also treated with a sample of their limited-edition Christmas Pudding ice cream flavour. Infused with rum soaked raisins, glace cherries and Christmas pudding, this rum-based ice-cream is the perfect guilty pleasure. Get in quick this Christmas season to give this exciting new flavour a try, as it will be available for a limited time only.

On the night, St Louis also announced that the company will have a fresh new face in the form of their St Louis’ Brand Ambassador, local Adelaide model Sarah Jane Stevens.

St Louis Home of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert’s summer menu is now available to enjoy at all of their stores, located at Tea Tree Plaza, Hyde Park, Gouger Street, Norwood and O’Connell Street.

Words by Tayla Giles



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