Paradiso Cocktail Bar

Back in March this year the restaurant, Boca Chica opened in Modbury. This was the start of a wave of transformation occurring in the Modbury area that has defined the suburb as a trendy and modern location for friends and families alike.

Boca Chica itself is a Tapas restaurant with a strong Spanish vibe. A place for great food in a warm and comfortable environment. With summer coming, diners are now looking for somewhere to chill with a couple drinks in the afternoon sun. The owners of Boca Chica have answered that with their new undertaking, The Paradiso Cocktail Bar. Boca Chica itself had a sizable bar offering and with Paradiso now open just around the corner the owners have built a perfect night out experience. Dinner, drinks and lodging in the one package.

The drinks themselves have excelled in Boca Chica’s creativity and flair. Serving up the likes of the Hidden Treasure cocktail which make a bold statement on the table. Served in a seashell, it combines Frangelico, cinnamon, blue vodka and milk. The end result is a light and creamy tasting treat making this drink much more than a novelty.

Combined with food and desserts from Boca Chica and a cosy environment which can be opened for functions, Paradiso aims to be the everything bar. A tour de force of dining, environment and space. Soft colours and a Greek Mediterranean theme, Paradiso is the cool summer beach breeze to Boca Chica’s spicy flame.

A delightful evening in Modbury has never been more meaningful than it is now. With so many new eateries and attractions, Paradiso has stepped up to the plate to offer the full experience of food, drink and atmosphere. Perfect for a multitude of occasions, and with the Modbury Carols just around the corner there is plenty of reasons to check out the ever-evolving North.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 191 Reservoir Rd, Modbury


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