Schnitz – Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Anybody that knows me would know that I’m constantly craving schnitzel, and just the idea of heading to the new South Australian Schnitz restaurant was beyond my wildest dreams! What could tantalise the taste buds more than a restaurant that serves every Schnitzel you can imagine, and I am not even exaggerating.

The beauty of the Schnitz menu is that you can create your own schnitzel just the way you like it! Start off by choosing your own crumb. There is a choice of four different crumbs, including, corn crunch, cheese and herb, traditional and spicy. There is also the option of crumb free if you’re looking at having something a little lighter. I love that there is not just one but four different crumb flavours to choose from, giving your schnitzel that extra bit of flavour and variety.

After you have selected your delicious crumb it’s just a matter of choosing your protein. Not feeling like a classic chicken schnitzel? Well you’re in luck you also have the option to choose from beef, pork and even vegan for my plant based friends.

Once you have chosen your schnitzel it is time to choose your style. The wonderful thing about Schnitz is that your meal can be served to you in multiple different ways. This may be on a plate, in a salad, in a roll or wrap and even in slider form.

We were lucky enough to sample some delicious items off their large menu.

We started off with the Classic Chicken Parmi; chicken schnitzel topped with Napoli sauce and mozzarella cheese. I have been living in Greece for 8 months and the one thing I was most looking forward to when getting back was a good quality chicken parmi. How lucky I was that my wish came true and I was served the parmi of my dreams. The thin slice of chicken breast was fried to a nice golden brown, and paired with the juicy Napoli sauce and cheesy mozzarella. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We then tried the Beef Schnitzel with a cheese and herb crumb – 100% grass fed Australian beef dry-aged and cross-tenderised for a juicier flavour and more consistent texture. There is nothing worse than biting into a beef schnitzel which tastes like the sole of a shoe. It is very obvious that this schnitzel was made from a high quality cut of meat as it wasn’t rubbery or dry. The schnitzel was well seasoned and met all my expectations.

Next was the  Crumb Free Moroccan Chicken – The succulent chicken coated with Moroccan spices is a delicious dish for the health conscious. As the chicken had been grilled not fried, it is a great dish for those that are wanting something that little bit healthier.

Now you can’t just eat the schnitzel by itself. You have to check out the sides that complete the meal!

Sweet Potato Chips – My favourite thing about these chips is that they are coated in a red paprika like spice. Not only are they crunchy and cooked to perfection but the flavour they held were unique to that of the traditional sweet potato fry.

Original Chips – We agreed that these were some of the best chips that we have tasted. The salt used seemed to be a mixture between chicken salt and original salt. The chips were cooked well with a perfect crunch. Like I said earlier. Best chips ever!

Roman Slaw – Thinly sliced red and white cabbage, crisp carrot, freshly chopped dill, mint and parsley, tossed in a lightly zesty dressing and sprinkled with spice.  My favourite thing about this slaw was that it was not too heavy. I am not a fan of thick creamy slaws so the light dressing on this dish was perfect. The crunch of the different vegetables, made the dish fresh and delicious.

Garden Salad – My favourite thing to eat with my schnitzel is a garden salad. The beautiful fresh flavours and crisp vegetables made this a perfect accompaniment to the other items.

The next dish wasn’t a side but something we had to try in its various forms.

OMG Roll – Schnitzel, tasty cheese, rind less bacon, pineapple, egg, baby cos lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, BBQ relish and aioli. Think burger with the lot but with schnitzel! There are so many things to like about this burger; the runny egg, the lean crispy bacon, the sweet pineapple slice, the crispy fresh vegetables, and of course, the golden crumbed chicken schnitzel.

We highly suggest checking out not only the new renovations at Westfield Tea Tree Plaza but also the delicious and accommodating Schnitz restaurant. We would love to thank all the staff for their hospitality as well as Papermill Media for organising our visit.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Road, Modbury


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