T2 – Christmas Campaign Launch – Every Tea Has a Tale

Earlier this week, we were treated to an exclusive preview of the new T2 Tea Christmas campaign – Every Tea Has a Tale.

We got to personalise and enjoy some tea-infused cocktails, while being guided through the new collection. Sip by sip, we were taken through a new spellbinding chapter in tea time.

There are 3 brand new limited-edition Christmas teas to choose from. Each one comes in the form of a story book, and depicts its own fable and character.

1. Lady Esmerelda’s Ultimate Dream Dictionary Loose Leaf Feature Book: “Let the marvellously mystical and somewhat magical Lady Esmerelda take a look at your dreams. What she lacks in formal qualifications, she makes up for in witchy dispositions. Explore the depths of your dreaming mind and discover the secrets that lay hidden.” This delightful blend has a combination of ingredients, such as apple, rosehip, apricot bits, rose petals and more.

2. The Spellbound Cider Loose Leaf Feature Book: “An intriguing spiced cider sends the twelve kingdoms into a fervour of warm spices and sweet apple. Mystery still surrounds what exactly Beatrice Bardolf adds to her family’s secret recipe, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a deliciously spiced concoction of apple cider notes with a hearty spark of feminine heroism.” While sipping on this blend, you might taste notes of ginger, apple, white hibiscus and orange peel.

3. A Trifle Delicious Loose Leaf Feature Book: “As two rival dessert makers battle it out, one takes the cake with her luxuriously decadent concoction. Layering fresh fruit jelly with sweet sponge cake, she tops off the whole thing with rich vanilla custard and lashings of cream. The result is a winner that’ll appease any diehard dessert lover!” The taste of black chokeberry, strawberries and white chocolate linger in the mouth after sipping of this enchanting blend.

I honestly cannot pick a favourite blend; I love them all for different reasons and I’m sure you will too.

The new collection will be available in stores and online, nation wide, this Tuesday (6th of November). But wait, there’s more! T2 Tea has also launched advent calendars, new tea packs and tea wares too, so you’ll have an abundance of exciting new products to check out.

So shop, pour and explore the new range and get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Words by Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher


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