Vietnam Valley

Earlier This week, we ventured down to the beautiful Barossa Valley, where we experienced the Vietnam Valley Restaurant, which is located on Murray Street in Tanunda.

On the day, we selected a handful of delicious dishes to try. All of which showcased aspects of traditional Vietnamese style cooking.

We started with a traditional Vietnamese Coffee and then followed with the Salt & Pepper Chicken. The chicken itself was succulent and slightly crispy. You could tell it had been marinated in a flavoursome sauce beforehand too.

The Lemongrass Chicken & Roast Pork Roll was a pairing of flavours that we chose ourselves. You can fill your roll with whatever you want, the choice is yours. Baked rolls are delivered each morning, meaning you’ll always eat fresh from the oven.

You can’t go wrong with a Salt & Pepper Squid. The squid was cooked well and the overall dish was quite enjoyable.

Now, my personal favourite was the Sweet & Sour Crispy Beef. This truly was a standout dish for me. Although it was modest in appearance, the crispy texture of the beef, and the sweet and sour flavour, worked well together to create the perfect dish for me.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls are a classic Vietnamese dish, which everybody loves. I’m a sucker for a good spring roll, and these ones definitely didn’t disappoint.

The Beef Noodle Soup arrived in a generously sized bowl, swimming with succulent beef strips and noodles, cooked al dente.

The Sesame Prawn Toast was a refreshing appetizer in which both flavours complimented each other surprisingly well.

Who doesn’t love a good Crackling Roast Pork? Juicy pork topped with crispy crackling; need I say more?

Packed with a spicy element, the Satay Chicken skewers paired well with a side of fresh Vegetarian Fried Rice.

Visit the Vietnam Valley Restaurant Facebook page and/or call 0405 314 063 for more information.

Words by Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher

WHERE: 58 Murray St, Tanunda


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