A Mother’s Milk

Popular Adelaide brunch destination, A Mother’s Milk, has been cooking up a storm in Unley for six years now, showing no signs of slowing!

Specialising in coffees, including cold brew and even house-made chai, A Mother’s Milk sets itself apart from its competitors. Everything from their vintage floorboards to their red-brick walls helps to create an incredible atmosphere difficult to replicate.

Hearing of their plans to create an outdoor seating area over the next few months, we decided to pop in for a visit before it becomes impossible to get a seat!

Here’s what we thought:

Heirloom Bruschetta
Pretty as a picture, the Heirloom Bruschetta features baby Adelaide Hills goat’s curd smeared on sourdough toast and topped with a healthy amount of heirloom tomatoes. A sweet balsamic glaze, aromatic fresh basil, and salt and pepper seasoning finish the dish, creating something simple yet delicious. The flavours were all very subtle and offered a refreshing way to start our meal.

Haloumi Sandwich
With grilled haloumi, Swiss brown mushrooms, smoked capsicum, basil pesto, and garlic aioli, and served in perfectly toasted sourdough, this dish is the ideal lunchtime sandwich! Though the smoked capsicum flavour was notably strong, the other flavours were subdued (even the haloumi!), resulting very well-balanced flavours that complemented each other.

Baked Eggs
How could we go past the baked eggs?! The perfect brunch staple for the colder months, A Mother’s Milk’s Baked Eggs featured free-range eggs baked in napoletana sauce with beautifully melted provolone cheese, and served with sourdough toast and topped with a bunch of fresh rocket. A great winter warmer, we could easily eat this dish every day!

Green Chilli Eggs
Intrigued by its name and promise of something out of the ordinary, we decided to give this dish a go and it did not disappoint! Green Chilli Eggs was made up of two poached eggs served on sourdough toast and topped with chef’s special green chilli sauce and citrus labna. The green sauce had a slight bitterness before the chilli hits but the egg and dollop of zesty labna balanced the flavours again. Overall, this dish definitely offered a unique flavour profile, hard to find at any other brunch destination!

Mushroom Ragu
The golden dish for any mushroom lover, the Mushroom Ragu has Swiss brown mushroom, enoki mushroom, featuring a heavy mushroom fragrance. The addition of truffle oil is the perfect accompaniment and the poached egg, goat’s curd and sourdough provided a relief from the strong flavours of this dish.

Pulled Pork Bun
This 12-hour smoked pork shoulder burger was served with a generous amount of rocket and slaw in a brioche bun. The meat was subtly sweet and the jalapeño aioli added a kick of spice with the slaw providing a crunchy texture to the dish.

Mother’s Mac
A nice, juicy burger belongs on every lunch menu and it’s no different here with Mother’s Mac, A Mother’s Milk’s take on the Big Mac! With a beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fried egg, and a tomato chutney, the dish was a simple yet effective burger. The meat was well-seasoned and well cooked, the egg was perfectly runny (the yolk was tempting us to pop it when the dish came out!) and, while there was no special sauce, this burger didn’t need one!

French Toast
To finish off our meal, we went with the French Toast, which certainly finished us off with a bang! The toast was not too eggy and perfectly crispy, the berry compote a beautiful sweet sour flavour combination and the hazelnut praline nice and crunchy. However, the absolute stand-out element for us was the white chocolate mascarpone which was velvety, fluffy, creamy and slightly sweet at the same time. It added the perfect touch to this dish and definitely left a positive impression!

With all the delicious dishes we tried on our visit, there’s no doubt we’ll be heading back to visit again when their new outdoor area is complete!

A Mother’s Milk is located on Unley Road and is open weekdays 7:30am to 4pm and weekends 8am to 4pm.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 105 Unley Rd, Unley


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