Bistro Blackwood – $49 Dinner

Jock Zonfrillo’s Bistro Blackwood is offering a $49 three-course tasting menu to breathe new life into the mid-week dinner this winter. The menu offers a choice of two entrees, two mains and two desserts. This great value menu is updated weekly, much like the seasonal a la carte menu.

Tonight we started with an Entrée choice familiar menu items, Vitello Tonnato or Crispy Golden Roti.

The Crispy Golden Roti with potato, fresh herbs and curry sauce has secured itself as one of my all-time favourite starters. It’s clear the kitchen knows it’s a winner as the roti has been a menu staple from day one. The fillings have changed with the seasons, currently the flakey bread round is filled with chunks of potato, mint, coriander and a delicious curry and coconut hollandaise. The roti itself is pan fried so it is dark and very crisp. A little difficult to eat with cutlery, my patience soon gave up and I ate it like a sandwich. The vinegar in the hollandaise attempts to cut through the grease but it doesn’t quite get there; and I didn’t want it to. I love the richness, the full mouth feel of butter with herbs and curry dancing through. I finished the roti feeling indulged and very satisfied.

A very retro offering Vitello Tonnato presents a more refined option. Slow poached South Australian veal is presented in delicate curls on a mild tuna flavoured mayonnaise. The hero of the dish is the adornment of crispy capers, the salty gems adding a beautiful brightness to the tender veal. An exquisite awakening for the palate, a great way to start a meal.

Our options for main course were a Jerked Half Chicken or Fire-Pit Squid Salad.

The Vietnamese inspired Fire-Pit Squid Salad presents a light herb salad tossed with tender curls of squid with a subtle fermented chilli paste. Punctuated by lively segments of mandarin and crispy puffed cassava adds intrigue with an associated delightful crunch.

The Jerked Half Chicken is brought to the table, its succulence showing on its glistening skin. Served on the bone the chicken is marinated in a Jerk seasoning that has a mild peppery heat. A warm slaw of cabbage and red onion is doused with a lemony dressing is that is light and flavorful and an accompaniment of spiced rice ties everything together well.

For Dessert we shared the two selections of Profiteroles and Bistro Blackwood’s famous Lamington Ice Cream.

Four generous sized Profiteroles are pumped full of salted dulce de leche, that is satisfyingly salty and oozes nicely when its shell of choux pastry is broken. To keep things light crème fraiche. Dulce de leche oozes out its salty

It’s fitting with Bistro Blackwood’s focus on native Australian ingredients it makes sense to celebrate our national dessert. In this deconstructed Lamington Ice Cream, a mix of sponge, coconut sorbet, shaved chocolate and berry compote with plump red fruits combine to create a new dimension to the classic cake.

We thoroughly enjoyed all six dishes that made up tonight’s menu. The good news is, by the menu options rotating every week we can come back for a new selection next week! This offer is available to all booking between 6pm and 6:45pm from Tuesday to Thursday. All dietary requirements can be catered for with dishes being altered to suit wherever possible.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 285 Rundle St, Adelaide


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