Raw & More Nourishing Cafe

Raw & More Nourishing Cafe is a well-known spot for healthy eats here in Adelaide. Beginning as the raw treats business Just Rawsome, there was such a demand for more health focused meals that it made perfect sense to open Raw & More on Grange Road in Findon.

While you can find their raw slices, cakes and protein balls at over 30 different stockists locally, their nourishing cafe is the only place you can sample their savoury dishes, smoothie bowls and breakfast creations.

With bright smiles and an incredibly friendly welcome from their beautiful staff, we sat down and prepared for some mouth watering and nutritious eats.

Tropical Smoothie Bowl

I love thicker smoothie bowls, so the way Raw & More make theirs is right up my alley! Delicious flavours of banana, pineapple, coconut and refreshing tropical amazingness danced together on my spoon. A sprinkling of house made muesli and fresh fruit infused some texture into this smooth creation.

Bircher Muesli

Now, I must admit. I started this dish already biased towards it. I used to work near Raw & More and this was one of my go-to breakfasts. The soaked muesli is simply divine! All the creamy flavours of coconut from their handmade coconut yogurt puts store-bought alternatives to shame, and the juicy burst from fresh fruit combines to make this one of my all time faves!

Baked Zucchini Slice

So yum! This slice was moist with a hint of egg. Perfectly seasoned zucchini and tomato balanced the decadent melted mozzarella. This is definitely a lunch-time option that’ll leave you feeling as satisfied as it will nourished.

Mexican Stuffed Baked Capsicum

I adore a good stuffed capsicum! This was a stand out, packed with protein heavy quinoa, local veggies, fresh corn and a sprinkling of mozzarella. Warmed together so the cheese melted over everything and seasoned with a hint of spice. They even offer a vegan friendly option!

Large Fresh Salad Bowl

Their salads come as a choose your own adventure, where you can select from an assortment of their nutrient packed options. We went for a blend of their Broccoli & Mint, Sweet Potato & Baby Spinach, and Beetroot Salad. From the fresh apple, onion, broccoli and mint to the hearty sweet potato and earthy beetroot, it’s impossible to pick a favourite between the three! They were a perfect symphony of natural flavours and wholesome nourishment.

Strawberries & Cream Raw Cake

This cake was sooo creamy and gently sweet, with a swirl of fresh raspberry throughout the entire thing. It was almost too pretty to eat… almost.

Raw Vanilla Matcha Cake

This one was my fave between the two cakes we tried. The crust was crumbly and so amazing, with a smooth vanilla cake infused with matcha goodness. I almost fought Lee for the last bite!

Raw & More Nourishing Cafe is so much more than a place to eat delicious healthy food. They also give back to their community, with initiatives like Angel For A Day where, for every 93 coffees sold, Raw & More funds an entire breakfast session at The Hutt St Centre.

They offer a “Pay It Forward” program, where you can add $3.80 to your bill to surprise a stranger with a coffee. As well, they have donation boxes proud at their till for organisations like Zahra Foundation Australia, a charity which supports women and children affected by domestic violence.

They have shelves of eco-friendly local products so you can easily access resources which’ll help you reduce your global footprint. There is really no end to the amount Raw & More works to give back to the Adelaide community.

Even after the tragic passing earlier this year of their Raw & More mum, Vicki, the cafe hasn’t seemed to slow with the furious passion they possess to make a difference. Vicki was known within her community for being a bright and beautiful soul, and the spirit of Raw & More will continue to thrive and honour her memory.

So, if you haven’t been yet, make sure you swing into Raw & More Nourishing Cafe and bask in the friendly disposition of their incredible staff over a delicious and wholesome meal. You’ll thank me later.

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: 247A Grange Rd, Findon


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