Patty Mac’s

Patty Mac’s is an American style diner, located on level one in the Adelaide Casino.

Did someone say “unlimited coffee”? Yes, they sure did; that’s one of the many perks of dining at Patty Mac’s.

The Double Patty Mac’s is a classic American style burger, packed with plenty of flavour. Jack cheese slices ooze over two succulent beef patties. Crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes and pickles combined to create the perfect burger. Main dishes are all accompanied by a generous serving of hot chips too.

The Southern Fried Chicken burger holds a piece of perfectly cooked chicken, as well as fresh lettuce and tomato. The red onion pickle pairs nicely with the sauces to create a satisfying burger.

The Portobello comes with a crumbed confit mushroom, which was also cooked perfectly and paired with a refreshing raita sauce. Other fillings in this burger include cheese, lettuce, tomato pickle and onion.

The New Yorker is a Vienna style dog enveloped with sauerkraut, cheese and the most amazing mustard sauce, which really stood out to me.

You really can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Mac ‘n Cheese. Three cheeses are mixed with a creamy white sauce and macaroni pasta, cooked al dente.

You want flavour? Then get yourself some of the Buffalo Wings. These delicious wings are coated in a mouth-watering Bourbon and bacon sauce. These would pair well with a side of Patty’s crispy Battered Onion Rings.

Don’t forget the drinks! Patty’s has a selection of American sodas, imported beer and spirits. However, we decided to pair our meals with a classic Double Chocolate Shake and a Berry Shake.

If you’re longing for a taste of America, then step into Patty Mac’s and transport yourself to an authentic diner with “such good food”.

Words by Silvana Weyerhauser-Maher

WHERE: Adelaide Casino, Level 1, North Tce, Adelaide


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