Raw Bliss Dessert Bouquet from Lunch Bunch Adelaide

There are many ways you can tell someone how special they are to you. Some of the more popular ways to treat yo’ fave humans include buying them flowers, sending them chocolates or indulging them to some of their favourite foods. What if I were to tell you there is a service in Adelaide where you can do all three at the same time?

Lunch Bunch is an innovative company creating bouquets made of fruits, veggies and even donuts or different meats! Can you imagine coming home to a beautiful bunch of chocolate dipped strawberries, roses and seasonal fruits? A seriously amazing concept which was dreamt up by powerhouse #girlboss Vlada Kazimirchuk.

“I started this business a year ago because I wanted to create bouquets which would blow people away,” Vlada told us as she multi-tasked, tempering chocolate and whizzing around her Pinterest-like studio. “It really feeds my creative passion.”

A true entrepreneur, Vlada has her sights set on expanding the company. Not only so her business can grow, but so she can help others succeed, as well.

“I really want to create job opportunities for other women like me. New mothers or anyone who has the need for flexible hours,” Vlada placed a flat of strawberries in front of us along with a pot of melted dark chocolate as she spoke, “Here, eat! It’s all about passion. I want to help others who are passionate and creative, so they can create bunches and feel empowered in their careers.”

It’s clear to see why Vlada is so successful. Everything she does is tackled with a balance of perfectionism and true creativity, fuelled by limitless energy.

As we snacked on strawberries and chocolate (tough life, right?) Vlada effortlessly built a bunch so stunning, I was nervous to even hold it! Of course, a bouquet for eating isn’t meant to only be admired. However, I certainly took some time to do just that!

The bunches we were there to check out specifically were her new vegan-friendly creations, mixing fruit and flowers with locally made bliss balls by Raw Bliss Desserts. For her strawberries, Vlada uses nothing but the finest Belgian chocolate, with a fantastic vegan chocolate option.

In our bunch, we had Mint Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate and Nutty Chocolate bliss balls alongside chocolate covered strawberries and beautiful yellow roses.

First, can we talk about these bliss balls! If I didn’t already know they were healthy, I would have thought I was biting into a decadent chocolate treat! So smooth and flavourful; I think the mint was my all around fave. Then we had a fresh burst from the strawberries underneath that perfect crack of premium chocolate… I don’t know how anyone buys these for someone else, I’d eat it myself before it ever reached the intended recipient! Good thing Lunch Bunch delivers.

These vegan bunches are a wonderful addition to her family of edible bouquets, and partnering with Raw Bliss Desserts bring two local powerhouses together in one heck of a delicious way!

Raw Bliss was established in 2016 by Kalilah Peters and is run by herself and her partner Oscar. Following her passion of creating nourishing goodies that everyone can enjoy, even those with dietary restrictions.

Creating 100% organic, raw vegan goodies (bliss balls, cakes, tarts, slices and granola, to name a few), their products are dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free.

Lunch Bunch and Raw Bliss Desserts are both made fresh in the Adelaide Hills, Lunch Bunch delivering all over Adelaide and Raw Bliss Desserts available at several cafes and stockists.

I can’t think of anything better than a beautiful bouquet of Lunch Bunch infused with Raw Bliss vegan goodness.

Check out these awesome local companies and keep Lunch Bunch in mind the next time you want to surprise someone special. You’ll be sure to blow them away with one of Vlada’s edible bouquets (preferably packed with Raw Bliss deliciousness).

Words by Jamieson Eileen


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