The Organik Store & Cafe – Adelaide

If you’ve ever used the excuse “There’s nowhere in Adelaide that’s convenient to grab a healthy meal”, then you’ve obviously never been to the Organik Store & Cafe on Pirie Street.

Lee Boys has owned the Organik Store & Cafe’s Glenelg location for 6 years now, and 18 months ago felt it was time to open their city location, offering a space for busy business professionals to grab some much needed nourishment during their day to day.

“I wanted to create a space someone would feel as comfortable walking in wearing their Jimmy Choos and having a business meeting as they would rocking up in flip flops and enjoying a Raw Snickers Slice.” Lee says, “It’s a haven. A place you can work, meet, spend time and catch some zen all while enjoying a nourishing meal.”

Zen is certainly the word I’d use to describe it. The staff were relaxed and friendly, the atmosphere was natural and comforting, and, somehow, just being in the Organik Store & Cafe helped me forget my everyday worries.

We sat and enjoyed some colourful lattes while looking over the menu, trying to figure out how we could reasonably order everything. Seriously, it all looked amazing! Every dish offering a stunning blend of culinary finesse wrapped in high nutrient ingredients.

Which made perfect sense when Lee pointed out Head Chef Daniel is a flavour genius while Chef Rachel doubles as a Naturopath. The perfect team up for meals which will feed your soul as much as they nourish your body.

After much deliberation, we finally settled on an incredible spread of delicious, health focused dishes. Starting with the highly recommended Zucchini Fritters.

Zucchini Fritters

Three oven baked zucchini fritters towered on our plate, layered with beetroot relish, nut-free dukkah and fresh rocket. Circling it all were generous squares of vegan almond feta, making for the most beautiful plate of zucchini fritters I had ever seen! Although, the visual beauty had nothing on the incredible flavours. Perfectly seasoned and tender under my fork, the fritters were melt-in-my-mouth delicious without being oily. However, the real dark horse of this dish was the vegan almond feta. While it does not have the consistency of feta in the least, I could honestly have cared less. Creamy, tangy and absolutely divine, do not underestimate this vegan cheese. These are a must order at The Organik Store & Cafe!

Organik Hot Bowl

Their Hot Bowl changes daily, incorporating whatever produce is fresh from the local market. The day we visited, they were offering their Umami Mushrooms. Enoki, shiitake and portobello mushrooms marinated in a coconut broth with just a subtle kick of chili oil. Served with a sweet corn bread which offered a gentle crunch from the outside crust; this was the perfect nourishment on a chilly winter afternoon.

Organik Laksa

Another perfect dish to warm you from the inside, out! Their creamy coconut broth was smooth and decadent, spiced just enough to dance a little heat across my tongue. The noodles were tender and so flavourful from soaking up all that delicious broth. Balanced by a crunch of fresh veggies and you have yourself a stunning, nourishing laksa.

Veggie-Licious Pizza

Pizza for me is all about the dough and the sauce. I was thrilled to discover Organik Store & Cafe make their dough fresh in-house, and the efforts here really come through in the flavour. With a fresh vibrancy from sweet and tangy tomatoes, all topped off with local veggies and warm, melted mozzarella, I enjoyed every last bite. And, for the dairy or gluten-free, all pizzas can be made with vegan cheese or a gluten-free crust!

Tandoori Chicken Burger

Lee Lam tasted this dish as I watched in awe of how stunning the charcoal bun looked amongst the tandoori marinated chicken and pops of fresh, green spinach. When I asked Lee if it tasted as good as it looked, he smiled and quickly jotted down his notes to send my way.

“The chicken was well marinated with beautiful, authentic Indian flavours. The meat itself was moist and succulent. Refreshing yoghurt raita worked well with the subtly sweet mango chutney, and the baby spinach and the grated carrot added a nice fresh, crunchy texture. The toasted bun holds all the ingredients in well while still being light and fluffy. Oh, and let’s not forget the potato wedges! Crispy on the outside and soft in the centre, they were perfectly salted and super yum.”

Organik Salad Bowl

Their salads change depending on what’s in season and customers are able to mix and match from the salads offered in their display fridge. We tried two different blends with turmeric cauliflower, juicy tomatoes, fresh broccoli, roasted pumpkin, seasonal greens and too many others to list. All lightly dressed and seasoned with herbs and a hint of lime. Refreshing is really the only word to describe this vibrant salads!

Rhubarb Strawberry Pancakes

I have probably made this very clear in my previous blogs, but I am obsessed with pancakes. By the time these landed in front of us, I was getting pretty darn full. However, as soon as the smell of sweet rhubarb and warm, cakey pancakes hit my nose I was somehow hungry again! Fluffy bites of golden pancake danced with the warm rhubarb puree, lovingly playing between vibrant fruit and decadent cake flavours. A drizzle of chocolate and maple syrup took this experience to the next level, as well as the playful strawberries which were cut to act as a bowl for the rhubarb. I was in heaven!

Apple Tarte

This was a surprise Lee ordered at the very end, as apple crumble takes me back to my mother’s kitchen. The crust was buttery and cut effortlessly under my fork. The top was dusted with this sweet and crunchy crumble, while the juicy apples and layer of custard inside added a decedent bite. All the nostalgic feels till the very last crumb!

Organik Store & Cafe is a wonderland of healthy options! From the local, organic ingredients to the waste-free approach they take to everything they do, it’s truly a space that has your well being, and our planets well being, at heart.

“We even offer mindful mugs, so if someone forgets their keepcup they can use a zero waste takeaway option.” Lee says, while educating me on everything from bamboo straws to how they’ve 100% eliminated using plastic drink bottles.

“Food is about nourishing your body and your mind. It’s more than just filling a space in your mouth.” Lee cheerfully says, “I want to educate people on where their food comes from. I want to offer a place you can go and know you’re getting the best option out there.”

I’d have to say Lee has more than accomplished this goal.

Organik Store & Cafe on Pirie Street is a beautiful spot with something for everyone. And with free WiFi offered, Lee encourages everyone to stay as long as they’d like and enjoy a highly nourishing experience, away from the stresses of everyday life.

Words by Jamieson EileenWHERE: 131 Pirie St, Adelaide


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