Chef Mom

The Malaysian restaurant, Chef Mom, has brought out a new, delicious menu; bringing street style food to the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Located at Kilburn, in the Churchill Centre complex, Chef Mom prides itself in serving customers authentic Malaysian food.

When it came out, the Curry Puff smelled delicious and we couldn’t wait to dig in. When biting in, there was a slight hit of curry spice but was balanced well with the slight sweet and creamy flavours of the diced potatoes and the crunchy outer pastry. The overall flavours and mixed textures of the curry puff were lovely, and was a wonderful start to our tasting.

The Pan Fried Dumplings, coming in either three pieces or six pieces, and are the perfect size for an entree or side dish. Lightly fried in a slightly chewy dumpling wrap, the filling was soft and moist, and the perfect combination of meat and vegetables. The accompanying soy and chilli oil took the dumplings to the next level with a flavour of saltiness or spiciness.

The Nasi Lemak Malaysian Satay Skewers, served with coconut rice were a wonderful dish. The satay chicken had a lovely and crispy outer skin and a beautifully cooked tender centre. The traditional and delicious nutty and savoury flavours were prominent in the dish. The lovely peanut dipping sauce made from ground peanuts and chilli was a great addition to the chicken. It added a slight spice to the overall dish, with the sweeter coconut rice balancing the stronger tones. The Malaysian Satay chicken skewers also can be served as a smaller dish, with onion and cucumber.

The Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken with coconut rice was cooked beautifully. It was tender and could easily be pulled apart. The sweeter curry sauce was packed with flavour and accompanied by a hot chilli paste side; perfect for those who love spice but also optional to be left out for those who want a more mild, medium dish. This was balanced well with the pickles on the side.

The Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken with coconut rice was delicious and the crispy chicken was cooked to perfection. The balance of textures of the crispy skin with the soft juicy centre was a delight. Holding a mild spice with a curry dipping sauce, the flavours balanced well. The combination of sweet, spice and savoury were all complimented with the cool coconut rice.

The Stewed and Deep Fried Chicken was amazing. First stewed to create the lovely tender meat and then deep-fried to create a thin crispy layer on the skin. The skin marinade held a sweet and salty flavour and the chicken was soft enough to pull apart with my fork. This was nicely paired with the coconut rice as the sweeter tones balanced well with the salty and savoury chicken.

The Stewed Pork Bun was a lovely, flavoursome dish. The soft sweet pork belly paired well with the lightly toasted bun. The textures and flavours balanced well and was a delicious combination of sweet and savoury. This tasty dish definitely enticed me to come back for more and can be the perfect entree or side dish.

The Pan Mee Dry Chilli handmade noodles are delightful. The beautiful soft, handmade noodles were savoury. They were balanced well with the sweeter flavours of the vegetables and saltiness added with the dried anchovies to garnish. It was served with a hot chilli paste on the side that can be mixed in to create a more spicy meal.

The Pan Mee Soup was made from the same delicious handmade noodles as the Dry Pan Mee but is paired with an anchovy broth. The slightly salty soup is not overpowering and holds a beautiful balance with the soft noodles. The balance of soft and crunchy textures was lovely and the soup made the meal feel warm and homely, perfect for a winter day.

The lovely and accommodating staff put passion and pride into each dish and are always trying to help satisfy any customer’s needs.

“What we want to give customers is great quality and taste of food.

“It is lovely to receive customer’s opinions. We want to know what you feel after eating our food as our main goal is to serve and satisfy”, said Chef Mom owner.

The new menu held a wide variety, giving customers plenty of options to try many different Malaysian flavours. All food was packed with plenty of fresh ingredients and were bursting with flavour.

Chef Mom is looking to open more stores in the future and we cant wait to see them popping up all over Adelaide.

Chef Mom is open seven days a week from 10:30am till 5pm, with Thursdays opening till 8pm; so make sure to pay them a visit to get the authentic taste of Malaysian street food.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: Churchill Centre, Shop F04, 400 Churchill Rd, Kilburn


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