Rosemont Hall

Aren’t things all happening around Prospect Road these days! We’ve found ourselves headed here quite a few times of late and this time we found ourselves at Rosemont Hall to check out the second restaurant that is moving into this impressive eatery. You may be familiar with Sunny’s Shop, a Thai haven of delectable curries, stir fries and tasty bites. This time we were introduced to Mr Chan, a focus on Cantonese cuisine housed in theatrical hall of exposed brick, stone work, high timber ceilings and lanterns to bring a touch of the orient.

On Tuesday night it was quite full, a few groups of friends were catching up over a tasty meal, couples were slurping down noodles and a couple of school children were engrossed in their drinks served in whole coconuts talking about their family holiday to Asia. It’s easy to see why, the hawker inspired restaurant really does transport you to the far east without going far at all.

We started with Vegetarian Dumplings with plum sauce. Not my usual choice as I would normally pick a prawn or pork dumpling. Stuffed with water chestnut and spinach the filling is voluminous enough that it feels hearty and rich. They are served standing in a soy broth that is seductively salty and complements the dumplings well. My thoughts on vegetarian dumplings have been converted.

The specials menu boasted a Stirfried Angus Beef and potatoes, Mr Chan’s oriental twist on the Western meat and potatoes. Medallions of very tender Angus Beef have a slight crust and moist centre. The dry style of stir fry, without any sauce plays up the Sichuan pepper as the main aromatic. Served with a medley of crispy potatoes, roasted mushrooms and spring onion, the flavours are familiar yet presented in such a unique way.

Today the Market Fish, ginger shallot and white soy, was barramundi which worked perfectly with the clean, fresh flavours of this well executed main. Strips of ginger cover the top pervading its aromatic heat and through the flakey fish.

I feel a plate of greens is always needed – I use generally put them in my calorie counter and then forget the rest! Today we were served Steamed Gai Lan, dressed in oyster sauce. The Chinese broccoli is lightly steamed, the leafy parts, dark and wilted but the stalks are vibrant and crisp. The bitter leaves contrast beautifully with the salty sauce and chopped garlic.

A giant bowl of Kung Pao Chicken is our next dish. Chicken breast strips in a glossy batter take on the flavour of Sichuan pepper with an added ‘pow’ of scud chillis. Overall the dish is not overly hot and mixed with peanuts, spring onion and the crown of fried basil that adorns the plate a rather mellow heat is produced.

All of the above go extremely well with Fried Rice which I must say is incredibly good. Not at all greasy, it is loaded with spring onion, corn, snow peas and gai lan that adds an amazing crunch. There’s no meat but plenty of omelet to add a textual and flavour contrast and lashing of soy sauce for a divine saltiness.

It’s hard to talk about the Mr Chan menu without mentioning the second offering in the appetizer menu – Cheeseburger Spring Rolls!! These are everything you expect and everything you would hope them to be. I’m sure I have dreamed of this before. As you would imagine, encased in a crisp, flakey, golden pastry is a mix of beef, cheddar cheese and chopped pickles dipped in a kewpie mayo. Amazing! I feel a new food cult in the making.

There is only one dessert on the Mr Chan menu – Mr Chan’s Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream with butterscotch sauce, and why not? Fried ice cream is the quintessential Chinese dessert after all. Here its taken to epic proportions a huge sphere of ice cream, breaded in a soft sponge cake and fried to a golden crust. As the breading is thick there is still some soft sponge nestled between the crisp outer layer and the cold, creamy centre. Drizzled in a butterscotch sauce that is sweet, sticky and delicious it’s a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Why not head to Prospect Road’s Rosemont Hall instead of wandering down Gouger Street next time you have a hankering for Asian cuisine? With 2 eateries guaranteed and more to come this could quite well be the new hub of Asian dining. Rosemont Hall is open 7 days a week for all your dining and beverage needs.

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 106 Prospect Rd, Prospect


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