Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Belly of a Drunken Piano

Enjoying a beer whilst listening to live music is a tradition that is as old as time itself.

But what would you say if I told you that the Fringe Festival is putting a new twist on this classic past time? If your intrigue gets the better of you, then you should make your way down to the German Club on Flinders street and enjoy some great live music, And a Stein of great German beer!

Yes the German club is playing host to some great shows this Fringe season, and we were invited along to the opening of one such show, the fantastically named: Belly of a drunken piano.

This new show by prolific composer and legendary Sydney piano-man Stewart D’Arrietta is a loving nod to the music of American greats like Tom Waits, Tim Buckley and Randy Newman.

Now the Titular Piano may appear in the show, but the real star here is Stewart. The man is a born entertainer, his art perfected by years playing in some of Sydney’s best nightclubs in the 1980’s.

Backed by a band of highly capable musicians, Stewart seeks to tap into the drinking, dancing good times of yesteryear, and he succeeds without a doubt.

While we watched the show, a group of at least 20 people began to dance, and I’m sure that number will only get larger as the fringe rolls on.

Belly Of A Drunken Piano is a good time, a show for anyone that likes to dance as if no ones watching. So grab some friends, enjoy some great German beer, and dance the night away.

Belly of a Drunken Piano is on at the German Club From the 27th of February till the 18th of March.

Words by Luke Radford

WHERE: 223 Flinders St, Adelaide


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