Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Glutton VIP Night + Rouge

Adelaide Food Central was welcomed to attend Gluttony’s VIP Night to celebrate the expanded venue and the premier of Fringe Show, Rouge.

Directors of the Gluttony, Daniel Michael and Elena Kirschbaum welcomed us with drinks and nibbles at the cocktail bar within Gluttony, on top of the new O-Bahn tunnel.

The rustic looking cocktail bar, made from wood and what appeared to be two corrugated iron water tanks, served up a range of drinks for guests, with the main cocktail being Aperol Spritz.

The bar served a range of white wine, red wine, rose, sparking wines, beers, ciders, soft drinks and of course cocktails.

For the food, a wonderful cheese and fruit platter was first served, containing a mix of fresh local South Australian ingredients, followed by lovely and crunchy onion rings, a plate of chips, both potato and sweet potato and then a range of pizzas. Each treat was delicious and kept guests satisfied through out the evening.

Directors, Daniel Michael and Elena Kirschbaum then welcomed us to the Fringe, thanking everyone for all the hard work that has gone in to making this year’s fringe better than ever.

“This year is by far our biggest year [of the fringe], it’s quite a big expansion with the park,” Daniel Michael said.

Elena Kirschbaum is also the director of the show Rouge, saying she was proud of what the fringe has become and was happy to host the VIP night and support the artists.

“As well as being a partner of Gluttony, I also have been a performer and producer in the past, and Rouge is the first show that I have properly directed and has been one of the headline shows for the Adelaide fringe

“What we have tried to make with Rouge is a show that has got that broad mainstream appeal for the people who do like sexy circus cabaret, and Adelaide, probably more than any other city in the world, loves sexy circus cabaret. So this is the place for it [… and] we have had incredible response so far.” Elena Kirschbaum said.

After the speeches, we were off to see the show…

Rouge is a burst of energy, filled with astonishing acrobatics, musical performances, operatic cabaret and tongue-in-cheek antics; and is a non-stop performance that left us on the edge of our seats.

The circus for grown-ups is sexy and funny, while the acrobatic and circus elements of the show were spectacular and left every audience member with their jaws wide open in awe of the difficult stunts each performer undertook.

Each artist has their own special performances; with acrobatics, balancing acts, singing performances and dance routines, each element is sure to amaze, with one of our favourite acts showing a performer balancing and spinning around parasols with just her feet.

Each act was just as enjoyable as the next and there was never a dull moment with some slow acts followed by a fast passed one, then an opera song, then a comedy performance. Each one unique and each one leaving audiences excited and thrilled.

The high energy acts and non-stop performances, elated and lifted the crowd as everyone cheered and left feeling ecstatic and intoxicated with awe and wonder.

It was lovely to see the comedic side and personalities of each performer come out, and you couldn’t help but smile along with them, as you knew they loved every minute of it.

Rouge is definitely one of the highlights of this year’s fringe and will sure to be a hit for any guest.

Rouge is showing at the Octagon at Gluttony until March 18, so get your tickets now, this is surely one you won’t want to miss.

Words and Photos by Cyndal King



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