Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Stunt Magician Danger David Reubens

What do barbed wire, razorblades and staple guns all have in common? Well they’re all part of Danger Dave Reubens’ magic show, of course!

Premiering at the Adelaide Fringe for the very first time last Friday night at the German Club was Dave’s stunt magic performance, headlining the Edinburgh Fringe for the last three years.

Mixing the mystery of magic with death-defying daredevil tricks, Danger Dave aims to bring an hour of entertainment and fun to the whole family.

“It’s a PG show and I think that gives it a chance for the parents to come along and have a good laugh and the younger ones to see something crazy that they’d never seen before. Also the way I present the show, there’s no swearing in it or anything like that, but it’s not childish so the older people can come and see it as well,” says Dave.

And the show certainly didn’t disappoint! Heavily reliant on audience participation, if you buy a ticket for this show, keep in mind you might just be joining Danger Dave on stage performing some of his most dangerous stunts!

With more than ten years of magic experience behind him, this colourful and eccentric character is big enough to fill the largest of rooms with cinematic music and sound effects to match!

“It’s funny, some of my friends started a joke and started calling me Danger Dave and it’s because all this material that I’d been thinking about for so long started to be used in my shows. It wasn’t just a case of one day I went ‘right I’m going to come up with this character, I’m going to do these things’. It was just a gradual thing. It’s genuine and it evolves into something that kind of suits you,” says Dave.

If you’re looking for a show for the whole family, away from the hustle and bustle of the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Danger Dave is the one to see!

“It’s a very general aged show. It’s not been designed that way, it’s just the way I kind of felt comfortable because I fully believe that when you take to the stage, you kind of got to make it your own,” says Dave.

With a total of 28 shows lined up for the 2018 Fringe season, make sure to check Danger Dave out at the German Club. Purchase your tickets online here.

Words by Geena Ho

WHERE: 223 Flinders St, Adelaide

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