Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Breaking the Magicians’ Code with Kane and Abel

It’s Fringe season, so time to get your Fringe fix and prepare to be entertained.

For the festival’s opening night last Friday, we were lucky enough to be invited to a magic show performed by two twins from Britain, Kane and Abel, at the German Club on Flinders Street.

Breaking the Magicians’ Code is all about … well, just that. The brothers were determined to go against the grain of a traditional magic show and break every rule of magic along the way, presenting an entertaining show full of laughter.;

Obviously for Britain’s ‘bad boys’ of magic, the rules were made to be broken.

Breaking the Magician’s Code, is making it’s first Australian appearance this year, following two successful years performing in the United Kingdom, including sell-out shows at the Edinburgh and Glastonbury festivals.

Performing tricks that their grandparents had passed down, all while explaining (and then breaking) the rules of the magicians code, such as: never reveal how to perform a trick, never repeat a trick and never perform someone else’s trick; the hosts never slowed down their energetic pace.

Personally greeted by Kane and Abel who were handing out sweets to audience members upon arrival, we knew we were in for a bit of fun.

Each magic trick left audience members in awe and wonder of how they were accomplished. Though the tricks weren’t over the top, the twin brothers definitely knew what they were doing, still surprising the crowd with their many tricks and their quick humour.

The show is well rehearsed and is full of banter and sibling rivalry. The tricks were performed perfectly (except for those that weren’t supposed to go as planned), and some lucky audience members even got the opportunity to help Kane and Abel perform some of their best tricks of the night.

Another rule that was broken on the night was to ‘never perform a trick unless it has been practiced’. This rule breaking part of the show is set to change each night, as both Kane and Abel perform tricks they only come up with before the show.

The brothers’ warm and playful humour made for a comfortable and happy atmosphere in the room, where many audience members were laughing along with the witty comments, and left with huge smiles on their faces.

Each audience member was shown thrills and excitement through out the whole show; some audience members even receiving ‘gifts’ from the cast to take home.

Breaking the Magicians’ Code definitely proved the brothers knew their magic craft that was passed down from their grandparents; who even made an unexpected and amusing ‘cameo’ within the show.

The comedy magic show is sure to be a hit for all ages and is a very pleasant way to spend an evening with the family.

If you do decide to see Breaking the Magicians’ Code, you are guaranteed to be smiling and laughing along with the boys from Britain.

Breaking the Magicians’ Code with Kane and Abel is performing at The GC from February 16th till March 4th.

Words by Cyndal King

WHERE: 223 Flinders St, Adelaide

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