Adelaide Fringe 2018 – Giantology

It’s that time of year again, the time when Adelaide becomes an atmosphere of laughter, magic and thrills. This atmosphere is brought to you by none other than the Adelaide Fringe Festival. As the Fringe enters its 57th year, it shows no signs of slowing down, as spectacular artists from around the world show off their talents to the community of Adelaide (and beyond).

On the opening night of the Fringe, we were invited to view a show held at the German Club on Flinders Street.

Giantology, a show created and performed by Michael Hackett, a six-foot-seven Brit who has travelled to Adelaide to present his comedy show.

Greeted at the curtain with an assortment of vodka shots in brightly coloured shot glasses, there were selections of seats either front or back to choose from. Keeping in mind, if you choose to sit at the front, you’re more likely to get more attention from the host sitting at the front.

This show is not for the faint hearted, featuring all types of conversational twists and turns. Crude humour is definitely a theme during the performance, so this is definitely not one for the easily offended. Hackett’s show also includes a 16+ age restriction. Despite all this, there is softer humour involved in his show, featuring how much he adores the city of Adelaide, including the money that is imbedded into our city pavement.

Nevertheless, Hackett pulls off an entertaining and comical show. Connecting with the packed room before him, the audience were able to interact with Hackett, whether it was comments or questions that added to the hilarity of his show.

Giantology is showing until the March 4 at the GC, and as Hackett’s show is brand new to the Fringe scene, he is definitely worth checking out this 2018 Fringe season.

Words by Courtney Flynn

WHERE: 223 Flinders St, Adelaide

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